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September 2023

This month there's been a lot of breathless news about how we currently have "7 planets retrograde!!" and I have a few notes on that to start us off.

First things first: Technically we will only have 6 planets retrograde as Venus will station direct before Jupiter stations retrograde early in the month. What's more, this sensationalism doesn't paint a totally accurate picture of what's really going on. Technically it is true that we will have 6 retrograding planets: Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus, Pluto, and Mercury. You'll notice that 3 of those planets are the outer planets (Neptune, Uranus, and Pluto) which spend about half the year each year in retrograde. Jupiter and Saturn typically spend about 4 and 5 months retrograde respectively will also be retrograde at this time. When you break it down that way, it's easier to see that this is a period of time that happens each year in which a natural slowing down always occurs with many of the outer and larger planets stationing simultaneously.

Mercury's retrograde (which ends on September 15) is the only particularly "unique" retrograde happening at this time and, since it's happening in Mercury's exalted domicile of Virgo, it will be keenly felt. Still, we have Jupiter in supportive aspects to much of that Virgo action and this should be an altogether more pleasant and slow-paced month than most of what people have experienced throughout the year.

As always, retrograde periods are times to dust off all the "re-" verbs (re-thinking, re-visiting, re-organizing, re-negotiating, etc) and return to anything in our lives or minds that need a second glance over. After a particularly self-oriented August, this month looks like a strong time to defend newly established boundaries or newly earned ground.

Virgo risings and anyone with strong Virgo placements—this month is going to be a lot about you with lots of things coming up. Look to the Virgo area of your chart to see which house and which related topics will be affected by this energy throughout the month.

☐ 3 September at 20:20 - Venus stations Direct (chart)

After 40 days and 40 nights retrograde in Leo, Venus will station direct and re-tread her way through the final degrees of the sign until she departs for Virgo on October 8. Expect to round up and make progress on any lessons learned or new cycles begun during this time. I encourage everyone to use this time to write some notes about the big events, new chapters, emotional moments, and even small things that occurred during this time. As we have discussed on the show, Venus has a uniquely geometric and repetitive retrograde cycle that can often expose some very stark patterns. It's always helpful to have a log to look back to.

☐ 4 September at 5:28 - Jupiter in Taurus trining Mercury in Virgo (chart)

☐ 4 September at 9:11 - Jupiter stations Retrograde in Taurus (until Dec 30) (chart)

Once Venus stations direct, Jupiter will take her place in retrograde. The supportive Trine happening to Mercury (retrograde) in Virgo suggests this would be an opportune time to (re)consider pieces of your life that are governed by Taurus and/or Virgo.

Taurus Risings and those with strong Taurus placements—you've been through the wringer! An important cycle will end and some form of closure is headed your way once the final Taurus eclipse takes place late next month. These Jupiter and Mercury aspects will be bringing some last minute good news or, at least, a sense that the thing you've been repressing inside is getting ready to come out in a way that will be healing in the long term.

6 September at 6:08 - Mercury conjunct Sun (cazmi) (chart)

Mercury Cazimis are moments of exact Conjunction (0°) between the Sun and Mercury. These are strong moments of spiritual alignment between the energies of these two planets and therefore are great times for spiritual workings or personal dealings centered around communications. Professional, creative, personal, or spiritual workings are all well suited for these moments and Gemini or Virgo risings (or those with strong placements in those signs) might find this day to be particularly invigorating.

8 September at 6:12 - Jupiter trine Sun (chart)

14 September at 20:39 - New Moon in Virgo (chart)

Just a week after the Mercury Cazimi we have a new Moon in Virgo. This is a good, solid New Moon for any work relating to the Virgo area of your chart which is receiving a lot of attention this month. In the traditional magickal ways, the Cazimi may be the more "powerful" moment, but this lunation will still feature the sign-based Conjunction of the Sun and Mercury, the supportive sign-based Trine from Jupiter, and a degree-based conjunction between the Moon and Mercury and the Moon and the Sun (typical for New Moons). This makes the New Moon a great opportunity for those among us who are dying and wilting in the summer heat and would like to incorporate or welcome back those nocturnal energies that are returning with the end of summer.

☐ 15 September at 15:21 - Mercury stations Direct (chart)

☐ 17 September at 1:09 - Venus Square Jupiter (chart)

Though Mercury stations retrograde 3-4 times each year, these transits can be particularly impactful when the typically zippy planet is in its domicile. Many have been feeling the effects of the slowdown and this station will really put the feeling of pep back into many a step. It will help us feel a little less like we're moving in quicksand (or, like we're being overwhelmed by small roadblocks, as many clients have told me).

This mid-month period is interesting as the New Moon in Virgo is immediately followed by Virgo's ruler, Mercury, stationing direct and Jupiter and Venus forming a nice, supportive Square just days after. This suggests a sense of resolution or resolve may arise.

☐ 23 September at 01:50 - Sun enters Libra (Autumnal Equinox) (chart)

☐ 25 September at 7:09 - Jupiter trine Mercury (chart)

When the Sun enters Libra on 23 September, it will mark the "official" start of Autumn and the Autumnal Equinox. The Sun is said to be in its "fall" in Libra—meaning it is in a weak and unfamiliar position. After a two-month period full of look-at-me-vitality and a subsequent staunch defense of our hard earned boundaries, this luminary will now enter a sign concerned with balance, relationships and peace-keeping.

Many cultural heritages are rich with ritual and tradition surrounding the Autumnal Equinox and Jupiter's supportive Trine to Mercury looks to favor us if we follow our curiosity and try something new around this time.

☐ 29 September at 4:57 - Full Moon in Aries (chart)

We round out the month with a strong lunation in Aries that will serve as a taste-test of the return of eclipse season next month. Any Aries Risings or strong-Aries-placement natives have had quite a year of transformation and it simply isn't over yet. You're on the fast track (an Aries' happy place!) until April of next year. This Full Moon will continue buoying that series of changes in a small way and may even contain some hints for what is coming in April 2024. Take note!

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