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A Healing Path

Shamanism in a Nutshell

Shamanism is a spiritual way of life centered on a profound connection with nature and the Spirit World. It involves engaging with the local spiritual ecosystem, nature spirits, ancestors, spirit guides, and animal spirits. This path is not solely about establishing these connections, it is also deeply focused on the healing of the soul. Shamanic practitioners work to identify and heal spiritual and emotional imbalances. The shamanic practitioner acts as a bridge between the human world and spiritual worlds, aiming to restore harmony and balance within individuals and their environments. Shamanism offers a holistic approach to wellness, emphasizing the importance of inner harmony and a respectful, interconnected existence with the natural world.

A Universal Practice

The term “shamanism” is the English version of a Russian term, itself derived from the language of the Tungusic peoples of Siberia. In this context, the term was applied to the practices of spiritual healers who entered trance and met with spirits to receive messages or healing for their community. Since becoming a term within the discipline of anthropology, the word “shamanism” has come to have a life of its own. It is now used to refer to this particular structure of spiritual practice wherever it is found, regardless of if the tradition has any connection to the Tungusic peoples.

Shamanism, at its core, is a spiritual technology that consists of trance-induced soul flight and spirit contact. It has arisen again and again throughout human history, and within all cultures. The spirits themselves are the overseers of these shamanic techniques, and it is they who have repeatedly given this technology to humanity. With each new generation, the spirits provide their wisdom to new initiates because they want to connect with us.  We are all the children of Gaia and under the care of earthly and celestial spirits. Through shamanism we are shown the steps needed to return to a life in harmony with the spiritual aspects of existence.

Shamanism utilizes the innate ability of all humans to enter trance and interact with the spiritual realms. This gift is universal. Our earliest ancestors had access to this spiritual technology. Furthermore. the peoples of all nations have worked with shamanic techniques (or some elements of shamanism) at some point in their history, from the Eleusinian Mysteries of the Ancient Greeks, to the healing traditions of the Zulu, the mystic practices of the Gnostics, the Pyramid Texts and rituals of the Ancient Egyptians, the Norse Seiðr tradition, the indigenous wisdom teachings of North and South America, and the animist traditions of the ancient Celtic tribes.

Ultimately, “Shamanism” is a word that has come to denote a certain set of practices in which an individual interacts with Spirit World to receive guidance, healing, and transformation. Any word could have come into widespread use to describe this cross-cultural phenomenon, but “shamanism” is the word that has come to be commonly understood within today's culture. When used in this sense, “shamanism” does not refer to the specific spiritual traditions of any particular religion or culture. Rather, it is a way of connecting with the spirits that has existed throughout the long eons of human experience. In this sense, shamanism is a universal and immortal practice for receiving guidance and healing from the Other World.

Everyone is able to utilize this technology, for it is built into the human organism. Simply by entering into trance and meeting with one's spirit guides, one can be initiated into the shamanic path. The spirits themselves will lead you to where you need to go on your path.

Our approach

Our approach to shamanism emerged from the "Core Shamanism" of Michael Harner’s Foundation for Shamanic Studies, and was further shaped by the experiences and teachings we received directly from the spirits, as well as extensive studies in shamanism, esoteric philosophy, and ecopsychology.

Our approach to shamanism is “spirit-based” and animist, in which we accept that the spirits are a very real part of existence. This contrasts with some “reductionist” strains of shamanism, in which the spirits are “reduced” to simply being “parts of the subconscious mind”. Our spirit-based approach arises from the many wonderful paranormal experiences we have had in our lives, which certainly couldn’t be reduced to psychological processes. Because we accept the spirits as real, our students are assisted in creating a powerful connection with their spirit guides and the spiritual ecosystem that surrounds them, as well as developing the tools needed to address such paranormal situations as hauntings and "attachments". Our students intuitive gifts are fostered, and they become skilled at communicating with the spirits for the purposes of self-actualization, soul healing, and guidance.

Our training can be characterized as “intensive”. We have found that shamanism is not something that can be properly taught through a handful of weekend workshops.  We delve far deeper than many other programs that leave the student wondering: “what should I do now?”

We feel that shamanism is a life-changing gift that should be learned in a comprehensive and systematic way. In our approach, students are guided to first heal their own self and soul. After all, if you have not experienced healing, how can you fully help others through the process? This period of ”self-focused” training takes two years to complete. Only then is the student ready to obtain the tools and wisdom of a shamanic practitioner through an additional year of training. Throughout this transformational process, our students are given a lifetime of tools and knowledge to explore. They finish their training having compiled a treasure trove of over 3,000 pages of course curriculum that will guide them through the rest of their life and practice.

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Life-long benefits of our
Shamanic Apprenticeship

Deepened Connection with Nature: Embracing the shamanic path enhances your relationship with the natural world, allowing you to perceive the interconnectedness of all life forms and the Earth's wisdom.

Expanded Spiritual Awareness: Your journey into shamanism opens up new realms of spiritual exploration, providing insights into the unseen world and a deeper understanding of the universe's mysteries.

Personal Healing, Transformation and Self Mastery: The path offers tools and practices for profound personal healing, addressing emotional, physical, and spiritual wounds and fostering holistic well-being. Connecting with your guides and absorbing their wisdom and healing will inevitably guide you towards self-mastery over time.

Enhanced Intuition and Psychic Abilities: As you delve deeper into shamanic practices, your intuitive and psychic skills are honed, enabling you to navigate life with heightened sensitivity and insight.

Become a Healing Presence: Our Shamanic training equips you with the knowledge and skills to offer healing and guidance to others, extending the benefits of your journey to your community and beyond.

Ancestral Connection: The shamanic path encourages exploration and integration of ancestral wisdom, strengthening your sense of personal identity and working through the wounds of your ancestors. You will help to heal the ancestral field, mending the threads of past generations and fostering a legacy of wellness and wisdom for those to come.

Development of Leadership and Teaching Skills: Becoming a shamanic practitioner leads to opportunities to lead ceremonies, workshops, and rituals, honing your abilities to guide and teach others.

Contribution to Healing of the Earth: Shamanic practices emphasize the importance of living in harmony with the environment, and you'll learn ways to actively contribute to the healing and stewardship of our planet.

Who is it for?

Our apprenticeship welcomes individuals from every path and stage of life. Whether you're just stepping out onto the spiritual path for the first time or you are a seasoned seeker, there is no prerequisite of skills or knowledge needed to begin.

For those new to shamanism, our program offers a nurturing ground to explore and discover the realms of healing and spirit communication, equipping you with a foundational toolkit for working with your guides in the Spirit World. Meanwhile, experienced practitioners will find value in broadening their existing repertoire, gaining access to diverse healing modalities, and deepening their engagement with the unseen world. Engaging with a community of fellow seekers and healers provides a rich opportunity for mutual learning and growth, ensuring that everyone, regardless of their starting point, can expand their abilities and understanding.

In this way, our apprenticeship acts as a bridge, connecting varied perspectives and wisdom under the shared goal of spiritual exploration and healing. It's a place where learning from each other is just as important as the teachings themselves, offering a dynamic and expansive approach to shamanic practice.

This apprenticeship is for you if you want to...

1. Rekindle a profound connection with nature and the unseen, learning to communicate with spirit guides and natural forces.

2. Gain tools for personal healing through practices like soul retrieval and energy healing, leading to transformation and wholeness.

3. Receive guidance and practices to safely explore and enhance psychic or intuitive gifts for personal and communal benefit.

4. Acquire a comprehensive toolkit of shamanic healing techniques, supported by wisdom from experienced mentors.

5. Engage with ancient wisdom and practices that offer profound insights into the nature of existence and consciousness.

6. Learn shamanic practices focused on healing the Earth, empowering you to contribute to environmental stewardship.

7. Embark on a journey of self-discovery that reveals your true path and purpose, supported by a community of like-minded individuals.

8. Heal from generational traumas and ancestral wounds, and navigate the shadows of self-doubt and isolation.

9. Break free from spiritual disconnection and transcend limitations imposed by modern society.

10. Find clarity amidst inner chaos and confusion while reclaiming power from past losses and disappointments.

11. Embracing True Purpose in a World of Distraction and Disconnection

This apprenticeship is for you if you are facing these challenges...

1. Feeling disconnected from the natural world and its spiritual dimensions.

2. Struggling with unresolved sadness, emotional wounds, or a sense of incompleteness.

3. Sensing unexplored psychic or intuitive abilities but unsure how to develop them.

4. Feeling a strong calling to help others but lacking the knowledge or confidence to do so.

5. Experiencing a disconnect from ancestral roots or a desire to delve deeper into ancestral wisdom.

6. Searching for meaningful answers to life's big questions without much success.

7. Feeling overwhelmed by environmental crises and unsure how to contribute spiritually.

8. Facing significant life changes or seeking direction and purpose but feeling lost.

Shamanic pathworkers
and Practitioners

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When you begin your shamanic apprenticeship training, you embark on a spiritual journey with a twofold mission: to heal yourself and to gain the wisdom to heal others. This path involves deep self-discovery and spiritual growth, connecting you to primordial practices and teachings. Through this transformative journey, you commit to exploring your soul and using your insights to bring healing and balance to both yourself and those around you.

You start walking the path as a Shamanic Apprentice. After the first two years of your studies you will be able to take on the title of Shamanic Pathworker, acknowledging the transformational work you have achieved in pathworking and your shamanic studies. Pathworking is the powerful process of using specific trance journeys to explore the spiritual energies and processes that act as the building blocks for our lives. You will face any blockages and disharmonies of your soul, mind, and self. You will overcome these obstacles and bring harmony to your being.

You may then set out on one year of study to obtain the tools of a Shamanic Practitioner, one who can help others bring harmony to their lives. You will immerse yourself in learning and practicing spiritual healing techniques to help others achieve soul healing and receive the help of their guides. Upon completion, you will be eligible to receive your Certificate in Advanced Shamanic Practices from the Spirit World Center, acknowledging the wisdom and skill you have developed on your path, and the time and effort you have devoted to shamanism.

Why we created this program?


We created our shamanic apprenticeship to fulfill a deep-seated need for authentic spiritual connection and healing in today’s world. Many individuals feel disconnected from themselves, from nature, and from the essence of life itself, Our program aims to bridge these gaps, offering a pathway back to alignment, understanding, and harmony.

At the core of our mission is the desire to revive and share primordial wisdom that has supported humanity's spiritual and emotional well-being for millennia. We understand the transformative power of shamanic practices—not just as a method for personal healing, but as a way to heal communities and the Earth itself. Our apprenticeship serves as a vessel to pass on this sacred knowledge, ensuring it remains alive and accessible for generations to come.

We also saw the need for a space where individuals could explore their spiritual path in a supportive and nurturing environment, free from the constraints of prior knowledge or experience. Our program is designed to be inclusive, welcoming those at the beginning of their spiritual journey as well as enriching the practice of seasoned shamanic practitioners.

Ultimately, we created our shamanic apprenticeship to act as a catalyst for transformation—encouraging individuals to explore their inner worlds, connect deeply with the natural world, and emerge as empowered healers and guides in their own right. Our vision is to contribute to the healing of the planet by awakening a collective of conscious, spiritually attuned individuals dedicated to the well-being of all living beings.

What is Unique about our program? ?

We crafted our programs to offer a comprehensive roadmap of shamanic practice, specifically designed for those navigating the complexities of modern life yet yearning to reconnect with primordial spiritual wisdom. Our intention was to offer an educational journey that respects the depth and breath of shamanic practices, acknowledging that true mastery in this field cannot be rushed or superficially attained.

We hold a firm belief that shamanic studies require more than just a fleeting engagement with the subject. Just as one does not become a therapist after a brief workshop or a short online course, the path to becoming a shamanic practitioner demands rigorous and in-depth study and practice. The transformative work of shamanic healing, with its profound implications for both practitioner and those they help, requires a thorough and committed study.

Recognizing the intricacies and deeply personal nature of spiritual development, we offer a one-on-one apprenticeship rather than group instruction. This individualized approach allows us to tailor the learning experience to your unique journey, ensuring that the teachings deeply resonate and align with your personal path. We believe that a "one size fits all" model does not do justice to the individualized nature of the shamanic experience.

Our pride in this program stems from its depth and comprehensiveness. Spanning three years, our apprenticeship delves into the essence of shamanism more profoundly than any other online program that we have found. With over 3,000 pages of curriculum and a toolkit designed for a lifetime of practice, we're confident that there is no other course out there that offers such a thorough immersion into the shamanic arts.

This apprenticeship is not just about learning; it's about transforming into a practitioner equipped with knowledge, wisdom, and skills that will continuously evolve and deepen as you practice.

By embarking on this journey with us, you're not just gaining a skillset; you're stepping into a lifelong commitment to personal growth, symbiosis with nature, healing service, and a deepened connection with the spiritual dimensions of life.


Shamanic Apprenticeship


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