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Reiki and Energy healers

Shamanic Practices
for Healers

This course was built with busy healers in mind. We know you might not have time for a three-year apprenticeship! But you deserve to bring some of the wonders of Shamanism into your life! In this workshop series, we teach shamanic practices that any spiritually-active person can practice and get a handle on after only three pairs of weekend workshops! You can use them to bring joy and wonder into your life and into the lives of your clients. Our program is perfect for you whether you practice Reiki, Sound Healing, EFT, or any other modality!

Are you ready to say hello to a wonderful new way of life? Are you prepared to have spirit guides, nature spirits, and animal spirits swirling around and supporting you at all times? Are you excited to bring amazement and wonder back into your life?

We know you are already a healer. You have already worked on your intuitive abilities, and you may already be working with your guides. That's great! It makes you a perfect candidate to bring this new set of experiences into your life, and into the lives of your clients.

Shamanism offers a completely new relationship with the world around you! The natural world becomes a close and ever-present friend, and the presence of your spiritual guides becomes imminent. Every step feels guided, and every breath becomes one of gratitude for the wonders you have seen. Everything is flowing... and when it is not, you have access to the guidance of your spirit allies and their timeless wisdom to move through blockages!

Shamanism unveils hidden realities to you. You discover energetic relationships that you never imagined before. You learn to heal and transform yourself and others at a deep soul level, to tap into the crystal clear wisdom of your guides, and to break your intuitive channel wide open!

On shamanic journeys, which are a specific type of shamanic meditation, you will travel into the Spirit World with ease to recover magnificent guidance, messages, and healing. And oh, the adventures you will go on there! There is no end to the possibilities that your spirit guides can show you! And we talk from experience here! We have been at it for years and we still feel like we have just scratched the tip of the iceberg (in terms of the possibilities presented)!

Frankly, this is the most fun your soul can have in this incarnation! Talk to animals on your journeys. Make contact with the nature spirits that live in your yard. Tap into Gaia's web of life and hear its song. And even become real good friends with the living minds within your crystal collection!

You will honor your ancestors and even send them healing. Weave helpful patterns into the soul. Find clarity in life by connecting with the guiding energies of your higher self. And access timeless wisdom by entering spiritual realms of existence outside of time and space

By connecting with your spirit guides you will reconnect with "old friends" who you haven't seen since before you were born! Awakening to the spirits is like coming back to a family that you forgot you had!

By walking the path of shamanism, you can invite your clients into this world of ancient magic alongside you. You can connect them to the transcendent wisdom of their spirit guides, identify the deep soul level issues that are troubling them, and facilitate healing through ancient shamanic practices.

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We teach shamanic practices which can compliment your healing practice and your life!

Our workshop series is divided into three parts. Each part contains:

1. TWO 3-hour group sessions (Zoom)
2. ONE one-on-one session to attune with your guides (60m on Zoom)

3. ONE coaching session to discuss post-workshop progress (60m on Zoom)
4. ONE 50-page workbook (pdf)
5. Video recordings of both group sessions, so that even if you miss a session you can still gain your accreditation!


After our training, you will be ready to add a wonderful variety of shamanic techniques to your healing practice! We teach shamanic practices and wisdom which can be performed by anyone who is already accredited to offer healing within an energy healing modality and is dedicated to connecting with their guides. While you won’t become a full-fledged “shamanic practitioner”, as this involves a lengthy training process, you will be qualified in the shamanic services taught in this program!

You can securely register for our training below through PayPal. After you register, you will receive all materials by email (to the email address you provided during checkout, or that is associated with your PayPal account). This includes all Zoom links and an invite link to schedule your one-on-one attunement! Please allow for up to 24 hours to receive these materials.

We also offer videos and free info sessions on the wonderful benefits of a shamanic practice. You can see our videos here.


Level One

Level One starts your journey on the shamanic path and connects you with spiritual allies who will always be by your side. The healing guidance of the spirits will begin to flow into your life and fill it with wonder and wisdom. You will empower your life with transformative shamanic techniques that open up new horizons within your human experience, all while your spirit guides expand your spiritual capabilities!

After this workshop, you will be prepared for Level Two, where you will learn to apply shamanic practices for your clients.

Topics Covered

Reclaim your natural ability to enter into spiritual realms: With "shamanic journeying" you will awaken the power of “trance”, and discover the spirit of the drum as it sends your consciousness on astral travels to meet with spirit guides. Here you will receive insight and healing as you access the cosmic guidance and wisdom of the spirits!

Discover how to protect and cleanse yourself: Spiritual guides and power animals will happily clear way any harmful energies and all that doesn't serve your highest good. Send away negative energy with drum and plant energies, and shield your energetic body with the power of your guides.

Get acquainted with your guardian spirit: This being has watched over you since the day you were born. It is your protector and primary spirit guide, who will take care of you in all your shamanic efforts.

Empower your sessions with the spiritual presences: Become a "natural" at bringing powerful protectors and healing spirits into your studio or healing space to shift its energy and raise its vibration.

Partner directly with animals, plants, and crystals: Bring these wonderful helpers into your your life and spiritual practice. Speak with their consciousness, and receive trasnformational shamanic journeys energized by the guidance and wisdom of the natural world!

Enter into a mutually supportive relationship nature: Meet with the spirits and protectors of the area where you live. Enter into partnership and friendship with the local "spiritual landscape" and do your part to heal the land.

Gain deep insight into the structure of the “Other Side”: You will discover the "Three" Worlds of shamanism, uncover the language of the spirits and how to decipher it, and learn to receive messages from the Spirit World with enhanced clarity and certainty.

Open your heart chakra to "Heart-Based Communication": Hear your guides speak through the intuitive signals of your heart. With this skill you can hear from your guides at any time throughout your day!

You will be prepared for the next stage of your adventure with detailed instructions for 20 shamanic journeys to complete at your own pace.

We close the training with a one-on-one attunement! Receive your initiation to the shamanic path as your guides empower you in this transformational Zoom session.

Receive your:

Certificate in Shamanic Practices for Energy Healers (Level One)

Upcoming Training Dates

Two Saturday Group Sessions &

a One-on-one Attunement

$150 USD

We know that "life happens"! If you need to transfer your training date to another available date, just let us know at

If you can't make it out on Saturdays, let us know and we may be able to arrange alternate training dates (if there is sufficient interest).

Level Two

Shine light and healing into the lives of all around you with Level Two! This training empowers you to offer shamanic healing directly to clients. Enhance your ability to remove difficult energetic blockages and close up gaps in the soul that lead to “power loss”. You will bring inner harmony both to yourself and to your clients.

Topics Covered

Send your clients on wondrous shamanic journeys: There they can discover and transform the spiritual root of any problem. Develop your abilities with shamanic drumming, and unlock the ability of your own voice to send someone on a powerful journey into the depths of their soul.

Understand and address “power loss”: Learn how to close up leaks in the soul so that life force energy is not constantly escaping from the energy body. Address power loss within the seven chakras of both yourself or your client through the wisdom and guidance of your spirit guides.

Discover your true purpose in life with the help of your "higher self": Within this one-of-a-kind shamanic journey you will uncover your true goals and the reason you are living this life! When we deviate from the "soul pattern" or purpose of our higher self, we encounter leakages in our life force as our being is not aligned with our soul’s true identity. By addressing this deviation, we bring true happiness and meaning into our lives, and enjoy access to the full power of our soul.

Identify and remove energetic blockages: Your guides will assist you in removing "crystallized energy" from the body. You will be empowered to accomplish this noble task through shamanic energy work, journeying and harnessing the intuition.

Harmonize with the four elements: These four primoridal elements will assist you in bringing balance to your body, mind, and soul! Achieve inner peace and the clarity that comes with internal harmony.

You will be prepared for the next stage of your studies with detailed instructions for 20 shamanic journeys to complete at your own pace.

We close the training with a one-on-one attunement! in this transformational Zoom session your spirit team will initiate you as a shamanic guide, capable of leading others on shamanic journeys!

Receive your:

Certificate in Shamanic Practices for Energy Healers (Level Two)

Upcoming Training Dates

Two Saturday Group Sessions &

a One-on-one Attunement

$150 USD

We know that "life happens"! If you need to transfer your training date to another available date, just let us know at

If you can't make it out on Saturdays, let us know and we may be able to arrange alternate training dates (if there is sufficient interest).

Level Three

In Level Three you will get connected to your ancestors, create power objects and energized healing tools, and learn how to administer shamanic practices at a distance! This level also prepares you for many of the “trickier” issues that you or your clients might face. You will learn how to remove harmful spiritual parasites as well as any "energetic cords" that have turned negative. Finally, you will discover how to help deceased souls pass over to the Other Side.

Topics Covered

Connect with your ancestors: The ancestors are a huge part of our lives, even if we might not think of them much! An ancestral field surrounds you at all times and empowers you. We teach you how to work with your ancestors through an ancestral altar, and create a positive relationship of mutual love and respect.

Create potent spiritual tools that support your practice: The drums, rattles, crystals and other tools we use in shamanic healing are sacred items empowered by the divine light and wisdom of the spirits. You will learn how to invite the power and guidance of the spirits into your healing tools so they are empowered for any task you throw at them!

Provide shamanic services at a distance: Quantum physics and Bell’s Theorem prove we live in a “non-local universe” where the separations of space and distance are only an illusion, and all parts of this universe are in constant contact. You will learn key practices that will allow you to perform shamanic techniques at a distance in a safe and powerful way.

Remove parasitic beings and energies: We live in the midst of a lush spiritual ecosystem (even if its invisible). It’s a jungle out there! And just like in a jungle, there are parasites. These negative beings and energies leave us tired, sad, and feeling that we are without purpose. You will learn how to remove these harmful parasites and “attachments” that may be on yourself or your client.

Untangle the energetic cords that bind us: Do you ever feel drained by just thinking of someone? You might have an energetic cord with that person through which you are leaking life force energy. These cords link us to people who have been in our life in a powerful way, ranging from friends and family members, to love interests, and even “one-night-stands”. Many of the cords are positive, but negative ones can emerge when we have a link with a troubled person. We teach you how cords work, and how to remove them in an ethical and positive way to free yourself from persistent energy leakage.

Help lost souls pass over to the other side: Spirits of the departed may hang around after there passing for many reasons. You will learn the fundamentals of the process of death and passing over, and how to help lost souls find their way to the other side in an ethical and respectful way.

You will be have plenty to do on your shamanic path with instructions for 50 additional shamanic journeys to complete at your own pace.

We close your training with a final one-on-one attunement! Your spirit team will prepare and empower you to face down negative energies and parasites, and to cut any cords which no longer serve you (delivered one-on-one through Zoom).

Receive your:

Certificate in Shamanic Practices for Energy Healers (Level Three)

Upcoming Training Dates

Two Saturday Group Sessions &

a One-on-one Attunement

$150 USD

We know that "life happens"! If you need to transfer your training date to another available date, just let us know at

If you can't make it out on Saturdays, let us know and we may be able to arrange alternate training dates (if there is sufficient interest).

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Interested in "Shamanic Practices for Energy Healers"? Join us for a one-on-one conversation! This free info session is a great way to get to know each other, find out about our programs, and learn how we can support your growth as a seeker and healer. Sessions usually run around 30 minutes. Can't wait to meet you!

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