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Module One

Awaken to Shamanism

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Welcome !

Welcome to the start of your journey. You are about to embark on a path of profound transformation and spiritual awakening. As you take your first steps in our Shamanic Apprenticeship Program, we invite you to think about the boundless possibilities that lie ahead.

This first module will introduce you to the core elements of shamanism. You will begin by learning to practice shamanic journeying (sending your consciousness to the Spirit World), meeting your guardian spirit, and exploring different parts of the spiritual realms.

And yet, this is no simple introduction to journeying! You will next embark on a process of awakening, initiation, and rebirth. You will be transformed and purified by the spirits so that, by the end of this module, you are empowered to act with clarity, harmony, and focus both within this life and in the Spirit World.

After this period of transformation you will discover and meet with key spirit guides who will help to activate and align different parts of your being, and who you will always be able to turn to for assistance.

Finally, you will receive an initiation from the spirits, who will empower and bless you on your shamanic path.

Within this 6-month module you will acquire the basic skills of shamanism, prepare your body and mind for the deeper healing to come, find and connect with powerful guides, and receive your first initiation by the spirits!

We acknowledge the challenges you may face in starting your path—the doubts, fears, and uncertainties that accompany any journey of self-discovery. Yet, within these challenges lies the potential for profound growth and transformation. With guidance and support, you'll learn to overcome these obstacles, emerging stronger and more resilient than before.

As you walk this path, you'll also reap the rich rewards of your journey—a deep sense of connection to the divine, inner peace, and a heightened awareness of your place in the universe. Through ceremonies, shamanic practices, and sacred teachings, you'll unlock the hidden treasures of your soul, stepping into your power as a shamanic apprentice with grace and purpose.

The call of
ancient Spirits

You've always sensed it, haven't you? That feeling of wonder, an intuition that there's more around us than we see? It's a connection beyond our daily lives, a whisper in the wind meant only for you, stories in the stones, a universal rhythm in every heartbeat. This pull is the call of the spirits, inviting you to be a shamanic apprentice.


As a shamanic apprentice, you will embark on a transformative journey, venturing beyond the veil to commune with the spirits and energies that animate our world. You will learn to listen deeply, not just with your ears but with your heart and soul, to the messages that the earth, the wind, and all living beings are eager to share. You will forge a profound connection with the natural world, discovering allies in the animal, plant, and mineral kingdoms.


You will become a conduit for healing, channeling the ancient knowledge and power of the spirits to bring balance and harmony to your life and those around you. How you see yourself and the universe will change, and you will find where you fit within it all. Being a shamanic apprentice means living with a foot in both worlds, staying grounded in this one while reaching into the next, and connecting the two with every step.


Embarking on this path, remember you are not alone. We are here to guide you, showing you realms of beauty, wisdom, and strength beyond the everyday. You'll discover the sacred in everything, communicate with the Spirit World, and tap into unseen energies. It is a transformational journey, changing your perspective of yourself and the universe.

We invite you to respond to this call, to explore your soul's desire for deeper cosmic understanding. This path reconnects you with ancient knowledge, our bond with earth, stars, and every creature. Let's start this sacred journey, uncovering truths, healing, and experiencing our incredible universal connection.

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Skills you will develop

Awaken to the Wisdom of The Spirit World: Embark on a soulful journey to awaken your consciousness to the vibrant, unseen world around you. This profound understanding illuminates the interconnectedness of all life, guiding you to a deeper respect for the myriad spirits that share our universe.

Harness Trance States for Divine Wisdom and Healing: Cultivate the sacred skill of entering "trance states" with intention and reverence. This practice opens the gates to transcendent experiences, offering you a pathway to receive wisdom, healing, and guidance directly from the spiritual realms.

Form Sacred Bonds with Your Guiding Spirits: Foster intimate, heart-centered relationships with your guiding spirits, allowing their wisdom to flow into your life. These divine connections become beacons of light, guiding your spiritual path and nurturing your growth and evolution.

Decode the Mystical Language of the Spirits: Embrace the mystical language of symbols, a sacred vocabulary gifted by the Spirit World. This deep understanding enables you to interpret messages and signs from your guides, enriching your spiritual journey with layers of meaning and guidance.

Purify Your "Vessel": Delve into deep cleansing rituals to purify your body, mind, and soul using nature’s elements to wash away stagnant energies. This sacred practice restores your spiritual clarity and harmony, preparing you for a deeper connection with the divine.

Discern Between the Creations of Your Imagination and Genuine Encounters Within the Spirit World: Through guided exercises and reflective practices, you'll learn to navigate the subtle distinctions between mental constructs and authentic spiritual communications.

Meeting Powerful Allies & Overcome Life Blockages: Learn the steps needed to meet with wise and loving spirit guides who will empower your life and guide you to overcome fear, stress, feeling of overwhelm, avoidance,  procrastination, perfectionism, low self-esteem, self-sabotage, imposter syndrome etc. and transform different aspects of yourself.

Undertake Powerful Solo Journeys into the Spiritual Realms: Embark on solitary journeys into the Spirit World. These voyages invite transformative encounters and insights, deepening your communion with the spiritual forces that guide and protect you.

Connect with the Guardians of Nature for Harmony and Wisdom: Learn to recognize and engage with the spirits of nature, including animals, plants, rocks, and the Genius Loci. These ancient guardians offer their unique wisdom and support, teaching you to live in harmony with the Earth and all its inhabitants.

Create Enchanted Spaces and Objects for Spiritual Empowerment: Create altars, shrines, and power objects. These sacred tools and spaces serve as focal points for your spiritual practices, enhancing your ability to connect with the divine and manifest your intentions.

Embrace Ancestral Wisdom for Healing and Strength: Forge a heartfelt link to your ancestors, inviting their timeless wisdom and love into your life. This sacred connection offers healing, guidance, and strength, rooting you in the rich soil of your lineage and empowering your spiritual journey.

Fortify Your Spiritual Shield: Learn the art of spiritual protection to safeguard your journeys against negative influences. Through protective ceremonies you will build a resilient aura that empowers your path, ensuring it remains illuminated by positivity and peace.

Connect with the Elemental Forces for Balance and Insight: Discover how to attune yourself to the fundamental elements of Earth, Fire, Water, Air, and Aether. These primal energies, each with their distinct characteristics and powers, guide you in achieving equilibrium and deeper understanding. Learn to harness and integrate these forces, enhancing your connection to the universe and its boundless wisdom, helping you navigate life with grace and empowerment.

Through this 24-week module, you will acquire the following skills:


Module One Outline

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Awaken to Shamanism

Learn the core practices of shamanic journeying and prepare your mind, body and soul for entering deep states of non-ordinary consciousness.  You will find your guardian spirit and nurture a life-long connection, learn heart-based communication, explore unique locations in the Spirit World, create power objects and altars, and connect with rock spirits, plant spirits, animals spirits, ancestral spirits, and spirits of the land! You will then embark on a period of personal rebirth and transformation to prepare your vessel for deeper work. Next you will meet with seven key guides who will walk alongside you on your path and activate different parts of your being. These guides will then initiate you into your path as a shamanic apprentice!

Week 1

Trance Work Fundamentals

This initial week is dedicated to laying the groundwork for your entire shamanic journey. You will gain comprehensive knowledge about trance work, including preparation techniques for your mind, body, and spirit to achieve profound trance states. This foundational step is crucial for ensuring deeply impactful shamanic journeys in the future.

Week 3

Heart-Based Communication & Symbol Vocabulary

This phase focuses on developing your understanding of symbol vocabulary, an essential aspect of interpreting the messages and insights received during your spiritual practices. By familiarizing yourself with this symbolic language, you'll enhance your ability to decode the profound communications from the Spirit World, enriching your shamanic experiences.

Week 5

Solo Shamanic Journeying Fundamentals

In this section, we will focus on the fundamentals of solo shamanic journeying, a practice essential for navigating the Spirit World independently. You will learn the steps to prepare mentally, emotionally, and spiritually for these journeys, ensuring a safe and enriching experience. Through understanding the techniques for entering and exiting these journeys, you will equip yourself with the skills to explore the vast landscapes of the Spirit World alone. This knowledge will empower you to seek personal insights, connect with spiritual guides, and access the wisdom stored in these mystical realms on our own.

Week 2

Meet Your With Guardian Spirit

You will uncover the spiritual significance of guardian spirits and their pivotal roles in guiding us, connect with your guardian spirit through a transformative shamanic journey, and discover practices to invite your guardian spirit into your daily life, enriching it with their protective and guiding light.

Week 4

Initiation to the Spirit World

In this section, we will dive deep into the Spirit World, examining its different layers and the complex network of energies it holds. We will get to know the diverse spirits that inhabit this mystical space, including ancestors and other unique entities, understanding their significance and how they interact with our world. Additionally, you will discover a powerful cleansing ceremony, a special ritual aimed at purifying, aligning, and harmonizing our energies, preparing us for better communication with the Spirit World.

Week 6

Navigating Between Spirit Allies and Adversaries

In this section, you will explore the various types of guides within the Spirit World and learn how to discern between benevolent spirits, who seek to assist and guide you, and malevolent spirits, which may pose challenges or mislead. You will be equipped with the knowledge and techniques to identify the intentions and energies of the spirits you encounter, ensuring a safe and positive interaction. This understanding is crucial for building a protective and nurturing relationship with your guides, allowing you to harness the wisdom and support they offer while safeguarding your spiritual journey from any negative influences.

Week 7

Connecting with Animal Spirits

In this section, you will journey to meet a spirit animal, a guiding presence offering wisdom and protection. Through shamanic journeying, you'll connect with this powerful ally, understanding its significance and the messages it carries for your life. This connection deepens your spiritual practice and offers insights into your personal growth and purpose. 

Week 9

Connecting with the Spirit of Rocks

In this section, you will explore the ancient wisdom of rock spirits, uncovering how to connect with the enduring energies of the mineral kingdom. Through trance work and direct interaction with stones and crystals, you'll learn to attune to the subtle vibrations of rock spirits, unlocking insights into stability, resilience, and the interconnectedness of all things. This connection deepens your spiritual foundation, offering grounding and protection, and enhancing your attunement to the Earth's primal energies.

Week 11
Ancestors and the Ancient Wisdom of Humanity

In this section, you will journey to forge a deep and meaningful connection with your most ancient ancestors, discovering the power of ancestral guidance and support. Through ritual, shamanic meditation, and reflective practices, you'll learn to communicate with the first humans, receiving wisdom, healing, and strength that spans generations. This sacred exchange not only enriches your spiritual practice but also deepens your sense of belonging and identity, linking you to the vast web of kinship that supports your journey through life.

Week 8

Connecting with the Spirit of Plants

In this section, you will delve into the realm of plant spirits, discovering how to communicate with these vital life forces that share profound wisdom and healing energies. Through shamanic journeying and mindful engagement with the natural world, you'll learn to sense and interact with the spirit of plants, gaining insights into their unique properties and the lessons they offer. This connection not only enriches your spiritual practice but also fosters a deeper respect and understanding of the natural world, opening pathways to holistic well-being and growth.

Week 10 

Communing with the Land

In this section, you will learn to connect with the Genius Loci, the protective spirit of a place, understanding how to sense and honor these guardians of landscapes and environments. Through practices designed to heighten your awareness and deepen your connection to the land, you'll discover the unique energies and messages that each place holds. This communion not only enhances your spiritual practice but also fosters a profound relationship with the natural world, encouraging stewardship and respect for the sacred spaces that nurture and sustain us.

Week 12

Shrines, Altars, and Power Objects

In this section, we'll focus on teaching you how to create shrines, altars, and power objects to enhance your shamanic practice. Through practical demonstrations and step-by-step guidance, you'll learn the essential skills needed to create these sacred tools in the Physical World and in the Spirit World. We'll explore the significance of each element and how to imbue them with your own intentions and energy. By mastering these techniques, you'll deepen your connection to the spiritual realm and strengthen your ability to manifest your intentions in your practice.


Week 13

Earth: Transformation, Alignment, & Empowerment

You will be introduced to the core practices of transformational healing, a process of cleansing and aligning your vessel with universal energies that will serve to empower you on your path. You will learn about the elements. You will then undergo an activation and alignment of the energies of the earth element, stabilizing your body and mind, and removing any blockages. After this alignment your body will be prepared for deeper training.

Week 15

Air: Transformation, Alignment, & Empowerment

The air element is the energy of thought and mind. You will  undergo an activation and alignment with the energies of air, unlocking your clear mind, and freeing you from dogmatic and habitual patterns of thought, clearing away restrictions. Patterns and habits that block your inner air element will be addressed. After this empowerment your mind will be accommodating to future steps on the shamanic path.

Week 17

Aether: Transformation, Alignment, & Empowerment

Aether is the carrier of spirit. It is the element that connects us with the divine. It is the element and energy which our pineal gland resonates with. Our intuition and connection with the spiritual realms flows through this element. By activating the aether within yourself, you transform so as to allow unimpeded divine energy to enter into you, empowering you and connecting you with the messages of the spiritual realms. This process will prepare you to be a powerful receiver of spiritual messages.

Week 14

Fire: Transformation, Alignment, & Empowerment

The fire element is the energy of transmutation, will power, and the life force. You will undergo an activation and alignment with the energies of the fire element, unlocking your inner power, focus, and drive. Patterns and habits that block your inner fire will be identified. After this transformation your inner fire and "will" shall be ready for the journey ahead.

Week 16

Water: Transformation, Alignment, & Empowerment

The water element is the energy of transformation, malleability, and the emotions. You will receive an activation and alignment with the energies of water, acting to calm your emotions and freeing you from "resistance to change" so that you are prepared for the personal transformations to come. After this alignment your emotions will be prepared for further transformation.

Week 18

Meet Your Spirit Guides: The Nurturer

We now embark on the process of meeting with key spirit guides who will walk alongside you throughout your life and path. The first is your Nurturing Spirit. It will take care of you, and be always ready to support you no matter what you are going through. It will also help to awaken your own nurturing side, which is essential for a shamanic practitioner. After all, we must be nurturing to both ourselves and others as we help the world to heal. This spirit will help you to nurture the sacred fire within you.

Week 19

Meet Your Spirit Guides: The Creative

Creativity is the key to learning, growth, and healing. Without creativity we cannot arrive at new solutions, ideas, and understanding. Creativity is a shining light in this world, one that allows us to bring through hope and inspiration. By meeting with your Creative Spirit, you will allow yourself to awaken unfiltered and unencumbered creativity within yourself. This is a source of life for your soul, and for those you would seek to help.

Week 21

Meet Your Spirit Guides: The Disciplinarian

We all need a little more discipline in our lives. This applies to the lives of a shamanic apprentice and shamanic practitioner as well. Your Disciplinarian Spirit will help you to transform your life so you do less of the things you know deep down you "shouldn't be doing", and more of the things you know you "should be doing". Your Disciplinarian Spirit will help you to keep to your plans, get up on time, and ensure you perform your regular shamanic journeying! It will also help you break through blockages that distract you from your true path and goals.

Week 23
Meet Your Spirit Guides: The Trickster

The archetype of "the trickster" is an important one. It is the "cosmic jester". It points out the negative habits of our ego, and humbles us while teaching humility. It shows us those things about ourselves that our ego would prefer not to see. Your Trickster Spirit will help you to see those parts of yourself that you need to work on. It does so not out of spite, but out of love. It is here to awaken us to our true gifts, and to overcome the distractions and counter-productive patterns of the ego​.

Week 20

Meet Your Spirit Guides: The Messenger

The spirits are always ready to deliver messages. But we must be open to receiving them. You will meet with a spirit who will assist you in receiving messages from the Spirit World. Your Messenger Spirit will help empower you to be receptive to spiritual messages, and will open your intuitive faculties. They will "open your ears" to the spiritual realms.

Week 22 

Meet Your Spirit Guides: The Rewilder

Our connection with nature is a key part of our being. As a shamanic apprentice, you will find that you actually start to lose "power" when you don't maintain some level of connection with the natural world. Your Rewilding Spirit will help you arrange your life so that you can get back in touch with nature. It will help you to break through the blockage of feeling "separate from nature". It will remind you that nature loves you, and you are an important part of it. Through the efforts of your Rewilding Spirit you will once again find yourself energetically connected to the Earth.

Week 24

Meet Your Spirit Guides: The Initiator

Initiation is a powerful process. You are forever changed by an initiation. You are no longer the same person you were before. Your Initiator Spirit will be by your side on all your shamanic initiations. It will prepare you for them, and will help you to open your heart so you can receive them. After you meet with your Initiator Spirit, you will be ready for your initiation as a Shamanic Apprentice!

What you Receive

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Weekly Lessons

Module One: Introduction to Shamanism spans 24 weeks and is composed of 24 curriculum emails, each filled to the brim with transformative teachings and practices.​​

All our lessons are delivered through email. So you never have to remember any login info or deal with clunky e-learning software ever again!

In each and every lesson we cover the following:

1. In-Depth Theory and Context

2. Trance Journeying Explorations

2. Spirit Work Practices

3. Spiritual Receptivity Techniques

5. Applications for Personal and Spiritual Growth

In each lesson, you will receive practical shamanic explorations to perform through journeying, spirit work practices, and spiritual receptivity techniques. We also provide an in-depth theoretical discussion and applications for personal development.

Each lesson is approximately 20 pages. By the end of the module you will have received a curriculum the length of TWO 250 page trade paperbacks!

Each lesson includes three recordings in MP3 format. These are an Audio Introduction to the lesson, an Audiobook Version of the Lesson (about 30 minutes long for the average week), and a Guided Shamanic Journey spoken by the soft and nurturing voice of Laova. These recordings make the learning process as accessible as possible, and helps ensure that you are able to complete your assignments for the week in a relaxed and straightforward manner.

Monthly One-On-One Sessions

In this module you will receive SIX One-On-One Mentorship Sessions. In these sessions you and your mentor will clarify concepts, tackle any blockages, provide advice and guidance, and otherwise offer the support you need.

All sessions are 60 minutes long and delivered through Zoom. If you feel you don't have time at the moment, you can “bank” these sessions and use them later when you feel ready to move through the course material. You can store banked sessions for up to four years (from when you started the module). 

Weekly On-Demand Email Coaching

During the 24 week program, you have access to your instructor through Weekly On-Demand Email Coaching. Each week you can contact your instructor one time and are guaranteed a reply within 48-hours (except for holidays, time off, and sick days). Laova and Eric provide detailed responses that address your questions and provide helpful advice. It is not mandatory that you write to us each week, but you are welcome to! We are here to support you.

Student Forum Access

All current students (and program alumni) receive access to our Student Forum. The forum contains a community of dedicated spiritual seekers and practitioners who share the goal of improving their connection with the spiritual realms. You will find it to be a  supportive and informative environment. Eric and Laova are both active on the forum answering questions and sharing their insights. 

Lifetime Access to Your Course Content

With course content delivered directly to your email, you'll have permanent access. In case of loss, we'll resend curriculum material at your request to the email associated with your membership.

Materials Needed

Below is a list of materials you'll need to fully engage in this module:

  • Access to a computer with an internet connection and "Zoom" software.

  • A quiet, undisturbed space for your guided or solo shamanic journeys.

  • Earbuds or headphones to enhance your trance while listening to drum tracks we will provide, or a real drum if you want to drum as you journey (but this is optional).

  • A yoga mat or comfortable spot to lie down while using your earbuds or headphones.

  • A blanket and pillow for extra comfort.

  • A blindfold or something to cover your eyes during your journeys.

  • A journal to record your shamanic experiences and spiritual growth.

Initiation Ceremony


Upon finishing this first 6-month module, we will honor your achievement with a private sacred ceremony (online), marking your initiation to the shamanic path. In today's world, traditional rites of passage are scarce, but within our community, we treasure the celebration of significant milestones on your spiritual journey. This ceremony is a heartfelt acknowledgment of your growth and progress, imbued with reverence for the path you've walked and the path that lies ahead.

Start your journey today

All our modules are priced at $99 USD per month.

For each module, and with only six recurring payments, you will access all 24 lessons, 6 monthly Zoom sessions, and weekly on-demand email coaching.

We wholeheartedly believe in the transformative power of our courses, but we understand that every spiritual journey is unique. That's why we offer a first-month money-back guarantee on your first module, ensuring that you have the freedom to explore our program without any risk. If, within the first month, you feel that these studies aren't the right fit for you, simply cancel your subscription before the second billing, and we will gladly refund your entire investment.

Our utmost priority is to ensure that you find a program that resonates with your spiritual path. The last thing we want is for you to feel locked into a program that doesn't align with your needs. Your satisfaction and growth are our primary focus, and we're committed to supporting you in finding the right path for your journey.

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Start Your Journey Today!

Join us over Zoom and discover if we're the right fit for your path! This free session is a great way to get to know each other, find out about our programs, and learn how we can support your spiritual growth. Sessions are 30 minutes each. Can't wait to meet you!

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