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Spirit Communication
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We all live within a vast and unseen spiritual ecosystem. Our spirit guides are always with us, as are our ancestors, the spirits of nature, elementals, and other allies. They are eager to help us in our lives. All we have to do is reach out.

At the center we teach spiritual practitioners how to make contact with these beings to create a positive relationship of mutual respect and giving. In turn, these spiritual beings can be asked to empower your life, assist in personal transformation, and elevate one’s spiritual services. 

Whether you practice Tarot, Reiki, or another modality, the spirits can help you break through personal and professional blockages and bring a new vibrancy to the things you do for others. And they do it gladly too! They want to help the world heal. 

Our approach to the spirits is Full Spectrum Spirit Communication. It is “full spectrum” because we teach you how to work with the spirits in ALL WAYS. The Three Pillars of the full spectrum approach are Spiritual Receptivity (mediumship, channeling, intuition…), Trance Journeying, and Spirit Work (sacred ceremony, relationship building, offerings…)

The Three Pillars, when practiced together, strengthen each other and lay the groundwork for a powerful spiritual approach. We teach you to use these pillars in a practical and hands-on way.

By walking this path, you will make a deep connection with your guides and embark on radical self transformation that will make you a more effective and wiser version of yourself. You will be able to apply this positive change to both your personal and professional life. You will also master modality specific techniques to improve your spiritual services and thereby help others in an enhanced way.

As you tap into the guidance of your spiritual team and guides, you will gain clarity, confidence, and renewed purpose, propelling you forward on your path to success and expanding your ability to assist others. You will discover how to make guidance and healing flow through you like a raging river. You will gain the edge you need to elevate your practice and provide unparalleled support and guidance to those you serve.

And when you are ready, you may receive your Certificate in Spirit Communication. This accreditation is offered to all students who show competency in techniques from the Three Pillars of Full Spectrum Spirit Communication.

Ultimately, you will find that the spirits are here to help. And they can do so in ways you can’t even imagine yet!

Full Spectrum Spirit Communication


Full Spectrum Spirit Communication is a powerful form of engagement with the spiritual realms.  It is composed of three sets of techniques, these are the Three Pillars. While many traditions of spirit contact focus solely on one pillar,  we find that by engaging in all three a “multiplier effect” is achieved. The three pillars are like the legs of a tripod. They are stronger when they are all supporting each other. 

The first pillar is Spiritual Receptivity. This pillar pertains to all things mediumship, channeling, divination, and intuition. With these techniques we tune in and listen to messages broadcast to us from the Spirit World. With this pillar, we let "them come to us".

By contrast, the second pillar of Trance Journeying sends us outwards to the Spirit World. With this ancient and universal ability, the practitioner enters trance and sends their consciousness to the realms of spirit. This technique has many different names and variations, such as astral traveling, shamanic journeying, and lucid dreaming. With this pillar, "we go to them".

Finally, Spirit Work (the most often overlooked aspect of spirit communication) is all about relationship building. With this pillar we invite the spirits to join us here in the Physical World through sacred ceremonies and offerings. We empower our guides and allies, creating powerful alliances, friendships, and working relationships.

By combining the Three Pillars, we arrive at a truly wonderful and empowered spiritual practice.

What Students Receive


Weekly In-Depth Lessons

Receive Over 1,000 pages of pure life changing knowledge in the course of the program.

On-Demand Email Coaching

Students have access to their instructor through Weekly On-Demand Email Coaching. Each week you can contact your instructor one time and are guaranteed a reply within 48-hours (except for holidays, time off, and sick days).

Weekly Audio Materials

Each lesson includes 


  • An Audio Book Version of the Lesson (about 25 minutes long for the average lesson)

  • A Weekly Guided Trance Journey spoken by the soft and nurturing voice of Laova.

Student Forum Access

Join our community of dedicated spiritual seekers and practitioners who share the goal of improving their connection with the spiritual realms! Eric and Laova are both actively answering questions and providing insights.

Monthly One-On-One Mentorship Sessions

Students will have 12 monthly one-on-one mentorship sessions with Laova or Eric, where they can discuss their progress, clarify concepts, address challenges, receive advice, and get the support they need. Each session last 60 minutes and can be "banked".

Life Time Course access & Extended Teacher Support

Enjoy lifetime access to the course and continued teacher support after completion. (see details below)

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Weekly Lessons

Spirit Communication for Spiritual Practitioners is 12 months long and composed of 52 detailed lessons.

All our lessons are delivered through email. So you never have to remember any login info or deal with clunky e-learning software ever again!

In each and every lesson we cover the following:

1. In-Depth Theory and Context

2. Spiritual Receptivity Techniques

3. Trance Journeying Techniques

4. Spirit Work Techniques

5. Applications to Professional Practice

6. Applications for Self Development

Each lesson is approximately 20 pages. By the end of the course you will have received a curriculum the length of a 1,000 page book. That is quite the textbook! That's around 4 trade paperbacks!

Each lesson includes an Audio Book Version of the Lesson (about 25 minutes long for the average lesson) and a Weekly Guided Trance Journey spoken by the soft and nurturing voice of Laova. These recordings help ensure that you are able to complete your assignments for the week in a relaxed and straightforward manner.

Monthly One-On-One Sessions

Students receive 12 Monthly One-On-One Mentorship Sessions with Eric. In these sessions you and Eric will discuss how you are finding the material, clarify concepts, tackle any blockages, provide advice, and otherwise offer the support you need.

All sessions are 60 minutes long and delivered through Zoom. If you feel you don't have time at the moment, you can “bank” these sessions and use them later when you feel ready to move through the course material. You can store banked sessions for up to four years (from when you started the program). 

Weekly On-Demand Email Coaching

During the twelve months of the program, students have access to their instructor through Weekly On-Demand Email Coaching. Each week you can contact your instructor one time and are guaranteed a reply within 48-hours (except for holidays, time off, and sick days). Laova and Eric provides detailed responses that address your questions and provide helpful advice. It is not mandatory that you write to us each week, but you are welcome to! We are here to support you.

Student Forum Access

All current students receive access to our Student Forum. The forum contains a community of dedicated spiritual seekers and practitioners who share the goal of improving their connection with the spiritual realms. You will find it to be a  supportive and informative environment. Eric and Laova are both active on the forum answering questions and sharing their insights. 

Extended Access Upon Completion

When you have completed your final monthly payment (after one year), you will be rewarded with Lifetime Student Forum Access and Three Additional Years of Weekly On-Demand Email Coaching! For three extra years we will support you with detailed and insightful replies when you contact us. It is our goal to nurture your growth and help you integrate the program’s lessons into your life.

If you are reading this in 2024, that means you will have coaching support going into 2028! For only 12 payments of $70, you end up getting a lot of support! And this matters to us, because we want to see our students thrive. We care about seeing what you are going to do with these teachings!

Life Time Access to Your Course Content

With course content delivered directly to your email, you'll have permanent access. In case of loss, we'll resend it to the email associated with your membership.

your Student Experience

As you embark on this journey, you'll find that we focus mainly on learning through experiential practice rather than traditional written tests or memorization. We believe in practical experience over dogma and belief.

We prioritize your individual needs as a student and believe in providing the freedom to go at your own pace. While our program is designed to be completed in 12 months, we understand that everyone's journey is unique. Whether you choose to complete the studies within that timeline or opt for a more leisurely approach, the choice is entirely yours.

You may work through the course material at a speed that suits you best. If you prefer to take longer, there's no rush. Your monthly meetings with your instructor can be "banked" and saved for later (for up to four years from when you began your studies). After the twelfth month of the program, billing will cease, ensuring that you won't be charged again.

In general, dedicating approximately 5 hours per week to reading, practicing, and engaging with the exercises will ensure steady progress. By setting aside one or two evenings each week, you will have ample time to complete your studies within the twelve-month timeline.

Your growth and development as a student are our utmost priority, and we are committed to supporting you every step of the way as you immerse yourself in these teachings and unlock your spiritual potential. 

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Upon completion of the program you will be eligible to receive your Certificate in Spirit Communication.


We offer this certification to all students who have done the work and shown competence in each of the Three Pillars.

Students must demonstrate their ability to engage in Trance Journeying, one form of Spiritual Receptivity (e.g. channeling, automatic writing, or mediumship), and have completed six months of frequent Spirit Work (e.g. making offerings, connecting with the spirits of nature, or conducting daily ceremonies).

For accreditation, students are asked to keep a log of their journeys, spirit communications, and spirit work activities. No personal information is recorded, simply “what was done” and “what happened”. Upon completion of the program your instructor may review the log at your request and determine if you are eligible for certification.


Course Outline

Image by Mathias Reding

Our program spans 12 months and comprises 52 curriculum emails, each filled to the brim with transformative teachings and practices.

In each lesson you will learn practical techniques from all three pillars (trance journeying, receptivity, and spirit work). We also provide an in-depth theoretical discussion and applications for both personal development and the delivery of spiritual services.

You will also receive an mp3 audio introduction to the week's material, an audio book version of the curriculum, and a guided trance journey that makes it as easy as possible to achieve the week's learning objectives.

Each month you will meet with your instructor to discuss your progress on these topics, come up with personalized learning solutions, and otherwise assist you in your path!

Module 1: Introduction to FSSC Techniques

Learn the core techniques of Full Spectrum Spirit Communication and gain experience in reaching out to the Spiritual Realms. You will also meet with your guardian spirit who will assist you throughout your path.

  • Introduction to Trance Journeying

  • Accessing the Spirit World and Three Worlds

  • Offerings and Sacred Ceremony

  • Heart-Based Communication

  • Understanding Metaphysical Plasticity

  • Creation of Sacred Space

  • Finding Your Guardian Spirit

  • Developing Your Guardian Relationship

  • Opening the Veil Ceremony

  • Engaging with the local "Spiritual Ecosystem"

Module 2: Core Techniques for Service Providers

Learn essential methods to empower your abilities. Healers and oracles alike will discover key techniques to elevate their spiritual services to the next level!

  • Pre-Session Attunement with Guides

  • Energy Management for Services

  • Mastering Cleansings and Energetic Protection

  • Receiving Empowerments from Spirits & Guides

  • Opening and Closing sessions with Your Guides

  • "Opening the Lines" for Healing and Divination

  • Empowering Sessions with Offerings

  • Contacting Your Client's Guides

  • Invoking Spirit Guidance Before and During Sessions

  • Creating Power Objects and Healing Tools

Module 3: Spirits of Guidance & Healing

Develop a relationship with spiritual guides (and allies) from the natural world and the realms of spirit to empower your life and practice through healing and spiritual guidance. 

  • Intro to Animism

  • Meeting Rock Allies and the Earth

  • Working with Plant and Tree Allies

  • Empowerment with Animal Spirit Allies

  • Understanding Primordial Energies

  • Meeting Your Messenger Spirit

  • Finding Your Intuitive Spirit

  • Intuitive Development Techniques

  • Discover Your Divination Spirit

  • Healing Spirits for Self and Clients

  • Healing Temples and Self Healing

  • Overcome Personal and Business Blockages

  • Break Through Impostor Syndrome

  • Recovering from Burnout and Finding Energy

  • Supercharging Confidence

Module 4: Spirits of Personal Development

Meet with spirit guides to improve your life as a spiritual practitioner. They will help you overcome blockages and bring you to a new level of ability.

  • Finding Your Disciplinarian Spirit

  • Mediumship Routines for Greater Communication

  • Sacred Ceremonies to Empower Your Life

  • Lifestyle Choices to Heighten Spirit Contact

  • Discover Your Protector Spirit

  • Enhanced Spiritual Protection

  • Contact Your Initiator Spirit 

  • Soul singing and Merging with Spirits

  • The Trickster Spirit

  • Empowerments with Primordial Energies

Module 5: Ancestors and Spirits of the Land

Develop your connection with the ancestors and other friendly spirits to strengthen your abilities, enhance communication, and create a positive working environment for your services.

  • Awaken Your Ancestral Connection

  • Build and Maintain an Ancestral Altar

  • Ancestral Effects on Healing and Divination

  • Cosmic Beings, Deities, and Messengers

  • Friendship with the Spirits of the Land

  • The Genius Loci

  • Meeting the Spirits of the Home and Office

  • Turning Off the Veil From Within

  • Empowerments with Elementals

Module 6: Rising to Higher Self Awareness

Overcome egoic and energetic blockages through radical spirit-led transformation and connect with your Higher Self,  thereby becoming a clear channel for the guidance and healing of your guides.

  • Reconstruct Your Self with the Four Elements

  • Address and Reverse "Power Loss" from Your Soul

  • Psychic Protection and "Energy Vampire" Solutions

  • Deep Attachments and the SIIPP method

  • Attuning to the Higher Self

  • Discover Your Incarnation's Pattern and Purpose

Module 7: Special Topics in Spirit Communication

It has been a long journey, and you are now ready to tackle next level subjects. These include connecting with the massive consciousnesses of planets, helping out with hauntings and lost souls, and further boosting your abilities.

  • Meeting with Chimera Spirits

  • Working with Planetary Consciousnesses

  • Gaia Mind and Earth Empowerments

  • The Galactic Consciousness

  • Assessing Hauntings

  • Assisting Spirits to Pass Over to the Other Side

  • Automatic Writing and Drawing

  • Next Level Channeling

  • Synchronicity Induction for Life Direction

  • Dream Induction for Spirit Contact


Price and Guarantee

Our program is priced at $99 USD per month.

With only twelve recurring payments you will access all 52 lessons, 12 monthly Zoom sessions, and weekly on-demand email coaching.

You get this all for the total price of many modern Reiki initiations, or a one day spiritual retreat!

We wholeheartedly believe in the transformative power of our courses, but we understand that every spiritual journey is unique. That's why we offer a first-month money-back guarantee, ensuring that you have the freedom to explore our program without any risk. If, within the first month, you feel that these studies aren't the right fit for you, simply cancel your subscription before the second billing, and we will gladly refund your entire investment.

Our utmost priority is to ensure that you find a program that resonates with your spiritual path. The last thing we want is for you to feel locked into a program that doesn't align with your needs. Your satisfaction and growth are our primary focus, and we're committed to supporting you in finding the right path for your journey.

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