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how does it work?

Our Shamanic Apprenticeship Program is delivered through two back-to-back courses. The first is our two-year long Shamanic Pathworker Course (modules 1 to 7) which introduces you to the shamanic path and deeply heals your mind, spirit, and self. Our Shamanic Practitioner Course (modules 8 to 11) is one year long and prepares you to help others through your shamanic abilities. You can take breaks between modules if you wish. It is important to go at your own pace.

Students start their journey with Module 1, which is six months long and provides a thorough introduction to shamanism, an initiation upon the path, and a spiritual rebirth. This introduction prepares you and aligns your soul for all further work on the shamanic path. After Module 1, all remaining modules are each three months long.

After the first six months of your studies, you may take on the title of Shamanic Apprentice. This title reflects the dedication and state of ever-growing understanding that you apply to your studies.

At the end of our Shamanic Pathworker Course, you will be granted the title of Shamanic Pathworker, acknowledging the profound soul healing and personal transformation you have achieved. A shamanic pathworker is someone who has become a conduit between the worlds, harnessing ancient wisdom and intuitive insights to navigate the realms for personal healing and spiritual grow.

After another year of study, you will have all the tools and knowledge necessary to take on the mantle of Shamanic Practitioner. A shamanic practitioner is someone who works tirelessly to apply their knowledge of the spiritual realms and shamanic techniques towards helping others in their community.

You will need to set aside about two hours each week for this program. You will dedicate one hour to reading the theoretical teachings and another hour to practicing the shamanic exercises related to the week’s theme. You will the list of materials needed at the bottom of this page.

For a detailed outline of our curriculum, please click here.

What you Receive

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Weekly Lessons

The initial Shamanic Pathworker Course of our Shamanic Apprenticeship Program is 24 months long and composed of 104 detailed lessons.

After that, the Shamanic Practitioner Course is 12 months long, with 52 lessons

All our lessons are delivered through email. So you never have to remember any login info or deal with clunky e-learning software ever again!

In each and every lesson we cover the following:

1. In-Depth Theory and Context

2. Shamanic Journeying Explorations

3. Spirit Work Techniques (ceremonies and offerings)

4. Spiritual Receptivity Building Techniques (meditations and intuitive exercises)

5. Applications for Personal and Spiritual Growth

Each lesson is approximately 20 pages. By the end of the three years of the apprenticeship you will have received a curriculum the length of Twelve trade paperbacks (of 250 pages each). That is quite the textbook!

Each lesson includes an Audiobook Version of the Lesson (about 30 minutes long for the average lesson) and a Weekly Guided Trance Journey spoken by the soft and nurturing voice of Laova. These recordings help ensure that you are able to complete your assignments for each week in a relaxed and straightforward manner.

Monthly One-On-One Sessions

You will receive a Monthly One-On-One Mentorship Session with your instructor for each month of the program. In these sessions you and your mentor will discuss how you are finding the material, clarify concepts, tackle any blockages, provide advice, and otherwise offer the support you need.

Sessions are 60 minutes long and delivered through Zoom. If you feel you don't have time at the moment, you can “bank” these sessions and use them later when you feel ready to move through the course material. You can store banked sessions for up to four years (from when you started the program). 

Weekly On-Demand Email Coaching

Over the length of the program, you have access to your instructor through Weekly On-Demand Email Coaching. Each week you can contact your instructor one time and are guaranteed a reply within 48-hours (except for holidays, time off, and sick days). Laova and Eric provide detailed responses that address your questions and provide helpful advice. It is not mandatory that you write to us each week, but you are welcome to! We are here to support you.

Student Forum Access

All current students (and alumni) receive access to our Student Forum. The forum contains a community of dedicated spiritual seekers and practitioners who share the goal of improving their connection with the spiritual realms. You will find it to be a  supportive and informative environment. Eric and Laova are both active on the forum answering questions and sharing their insights. 

Extended Access Upon Completion

When you have completed your final monthly payment for any module, you will be granted with Three Additional Years of Weekly On-Demand Email Coaching from that date forward! For three extra years we will support you with detailed replies and guidance (related to your studies) whenever you contact us. Note: additional coaching is "non-cumulative"; extended access takes effect from the date of your LATEST completed module and continues for three years after that.

These three additional years of coaching give you time to move through the material at your own pace. You end up getting a lot of support! And this matters to us, because we want to see our students thrive. We care about seeing what you are going to do with these teachings! And it is our goal to nurture your growth and help you integrate the program’s lessons deeply into your life.

Also, when you finish our Shamanic Pathworker Course, you will receive Lifetime Student Forum Access. This will always be your community and "home base" as you walk your shamanic path.

LifeTime Access to Your Course Content

With course content delivered directly to your email, you'll have permanent access. In case you lose any lessons, we will happily resend them to the email associated with your membership.

you are our number one priority

As you start your apprenticeship, you'll find that we focus mainly on learning through experiential practice rather than traditional written tests or memorization. We believe in practical experience over dogma and belief.

We prioritize your individual needs as a student and believe in providing the freedom to go at your own pace. While this course is designed to be completed in two years, we understand that everyone's journey is unique. Whether you choose to complete the studies within that timeline or opt for a more leisurely approach, the choice is entirely yours.

You may work through the course material at a speed that suits you best. If you prefer to take longer, there's no rush. Your monthly meetings with your mentor can be "banked" and saved for later (for up to four years from when you began your studies). After the last month of the program, billing will cease, ensuring that you won't be charged again.

In general, a student will dedicate approximately three to four hours per week to reading, practicing, and engaging with the exercises in each lesson. By setting aside one or two evenings each week, you will have ample time to complete your studies within the timeline.

Your growth and development as a student are our utmost priority, and we are committed to supporting you every step of the way as you immerse yourself in these teachings and unlock your spiritual potential. 

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Shamanic Pathworker
Course Outline

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Awaken to Shamanism

Module One
24 Weeks



Greater Spiritual Healing of Your Heart and Mind

Module Two

12 Weeks

In this first module you will discover the core skills of shamanism. You will learn the art of entering a trance state and going on a "shamanic journey", enabling you to travel within the Spirit World. You will forge a connection with your guardian spirit and learn essential practices of spirit communication, including the understanding of symbolic language. You will master core techniques of spiritual protection and will be introduced  to various types of spiritual being that will bring great richness to your life.

To prepare for deeper studies, you will next embark on transformative journeys of activation and alignment in which you will undergo healing and spiritual rebirth. You will then meet with powerful spirit guides who will empower you and prepare you for the shamanic path, helping you to let go of what no longer serves you from your old self.

Finally, you will undergo a sacred ceremony of initiation to mark the beginning of your path as a shamanic apprentice! You will emerge reborn with a new sense of purpose and connection to the spiritual realms.

This module invites you to tap into the infinite power within you, to connect deeply with your inner healer and the divine energies that surround us all. As you immerse yourself in these teachings, you'll uncover the keys to emotional mastery, allowing you to honor and nurture your soul's essence. You will also embrace the wisdom of your intuition, for it is the compass guiding you back to your authentic self. Through understanding and alignment with your inner truth, you reclaim sovereignty over your thoughts, emotions, and life path.

Advanced Spiritual Protection and Cleansing 

Module Three

12 Weeks

Power Retrieval & Advanced Spirit Work

Module Four

12 Weeks

Soul Retrieval

Module Five

12 Weeks

Ancestral Healing

Module Six

12 Weeks

Psychopomp Work

Module Seven

12 Weeks


Certificate in Shamanic Pathworking

Ceremony of Completion

You will delve into the impact of external influences on your energy, mood, productivity, and decision-making. Discover how to recognize these forces in your life and learn practical techniques to protect yourself and heal from their effects. This course is heavily oriented toward spiritual protection and boundaries, offering insights and strategies to reclaim control over your energy and well-being, empowering yourself to navigate life's challenges with resilience and confidence. You will learn about entanglements, cord-cutting, psychic vampires, spirit attachment and possession, and a life-long cleansing technique.

In this course, we will explore spiritual wounds that lead to "power loss" and delve into their causes and effects on our lives. You will be guided through the healing process, preparing you for a life filled with vitality and purpose. Through practices like "power retrieval," you will learn to create a lifestyle conducive to retaining and strengthening your spiritual power. Equipped with comprehensive tools, you'll emerge from this module energized, empowered, and imbued with a deeper sense of happiness and purpose. Throughout the journey, you'll uncover the nuances of power loss, its symptoms, recovery methods, and ways to integrate and amplify your power. Guided by spirit mentors, you'll embark on twelve core power retrieval lessons, each addressing various aspects such as connecting with nature, nurturing your body, setting boundaries, embracing creativity, and finding meaning in life's journey. 

We delve into the profound skill of soul retrieval, which involves reclaiming aspects of the self that were lost due to traumatic experiences or disconnection from one's true essence. You will gain the ability to heal any soul loss within yourself, embarking on a journey of profound healing that will guide you towards the complete recovery of all fragments of your soul. This path of healing is immensely fulfilling and transformative, leading you towards a state of wholeness and empowerment.

Ancestral Healing is a sacred undertaking which holds immense potential for deep transformation and healing not only for ourselves but also for the threads of our ancestral lineage stretching across time. Ancestral healing encompasses a range of practices aimed at reconciling the past to shape a more empowered present and future. You will learn to recognize the interconnectedness of all life and time, and to heal that which has been lost. Ancestral healing acknowledges that our wellbeing is intertwined with the spiritual and psychic health of our ancestors. Through these practices, we seek to heal ourselves, our lineage, and contribute to the broader healing of the collective human psyche.

In this last segment of the Shamanic Pathworker Program, you'll immerse yourself in the ancient and sacred practice of Psychopomp work. Throughout this transformative journey, you'll learn the essential knowledge, skills, and techniques required to serve as a compassionate and effective bridge between the realms of the living and the dead. Through shamanic journeying, trance work, and mediumship, you'll develop practical tools for connecting with spirits and navigating the Spirit World with confidence and clarity. Additionally, you'll explore ethical considerations and boundaries, ensuring that your practice is grounded in integrity and respect. Whether you're a seasoned practitioner or a newcomer to this profound spiritual path, we offer a comprehensive and transformative learning experience, guiding you on the sacred journey of honoring the interconnectedness of life and death with reverence and compassion.

You will receive a special ceremony to celebrate the completion of your shamanic pathworking studies, after which you may continue for one more year to acquire the skills of a shamanic practitioner. You will also receive an official certificate by mail.

Shamanic Practitioner
Course Outline

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Foundations of Shamanic Services: Life Guidance, Healing, Cleansing, Protection, Divination

Module Eight
12 Weeks

Power Retrieval & Soul Retrieval for Others

Module Nine
12 Weeks


Ancestral Healing and Psychopomp Work

Module Ten
12 Weeks

Organizing Your Shamanic Healing Space and Sessions

Module Eleven
12 Weeks

Certificate in Advanced Shamanic Practices

Ceremony of Completion

In this module, you will be guided on how to channel the boundless power within to facilitate healing in others. With the help of your spirit guides and by connecting with your inner healer, you'll learn the art of healing and supporting others in nurturing their soul's essence. You will harness the wisdom of intuition, using it as a compass to guide others back to their true selves. Through facilitiating alignment with one's inner truth, you will empower individuals to regain control over their thoughts, emotions, and life direction, fostering profound healing and transformation.

Building on the foundational skills acquired in previous modules, this advanced training is specifically designed to teach you how to apply the transformative practices of power retrieval and soul retrieval to healing others. You will deepen your understanding of these ancient shamanic techniques, learning to carefully navigate the unique energies and needs of those you seek to help. The course emphasizes the transition from self-healing to facilitating the healing of others, focusing on ethical practices, the creation of a sacred and secure healing environment, and the nuances of conducting these soulful journeys for others. By honing your ability to perform power and soul retrievals for others, you will become a conduit of healing, guiding individuals back to their fullest, most vibrant selves, and fostering profound transformations within your community.

This specialized module delves into the practice of applying ancestral healing and psychopomp services to clients, extending the profound healing processes you've learned for personal use to benefit others. It's designed to teach you how to bridge the gap between the living and the ancestral realm, facilitating healing that transcends generations and contributes to resolving inherited traumas and patterns. Additionally, you'll develop skills in psychopomp work, offering guidance to individuals grappling with grief and those nearing the end of their life. The module focuses on ethical engagement, the importance of creating a safe and sacred environment for this sensitive work, and how to navigate these deeply spiritual processes with care and respect for both clients and the spirits involved. By completing this training, you'll be equipped to offer these meaningful services to clients, aiding in their personal healing journeys and the resolution of ancestral issues, while ensuring the well-being of spirits on their path to the afterworld.

In this section, you will master the essentials of preparing both yourself and your environment prior to a healing session. Discover our thoughtfully developed step-by-step approach for creating a supportive space that enables clients to navigate and release their blockages, facilitating their healing journey. You will also delve into the critical aspects of professional and spiritual ethics that define the practice of a shamanic practitioner. This comprehensive training equips you with all the necessary skills to begin serving clients and contributing positively to your community.

You will partake in a sacred ceremony to honor the completion of your journey into shamanic practice, empowering you with the wisdom and confidence to begin your services for others. You will also receive an official certificate by mail.


After completing our Shamanic Pathworking Course​, you will receive your Certificate in Shamanic Pathworking.  This document is a public acknowledgment of the deep personal transformation and connection with your guides that you have achieved over the course of your studies.

After completing our Shamanic Practitioner Course​, you will be eligible to receive your Certificate in Advanced Shamanic Practices. This is a public acknowledgment of the level of skill and knowledge you have built, and the time and effort you have devoted to your studies in advanced shamanic practices and spiritual healing. Students will be asked to submit a log of their shamanic journeys and spirit work practices in order to obtain their certificate.

Note: Neither the Certificate in Shamanic Pathworking nor the Certificate in Advanced Shamanic Practices imply that an individual is now a shaman, shamanic practitioner, or a healer. No human or human-institution is capable of certifying someone as a shaman practitioner or spiritual healer. Instead, it is the individual's rapport with their spiritual guides and the results of their healing practices that leads to their acknowledgment as a shamanic practitioner or healer by those they serve.

Materials Needed

Below is a list of materials you'll need to fully engage in our shamanic training:

  • Access to a computer with internet connection and "Zoom" software.

  • A quiet, undisturbed space for your guided or solo shamanic journeys.

  • Earbuds or headphones to enhance your trance while listening to drum tracks that we will provide, or a physical drum if you want to drum as you journey (but this is optional).

  • A yoga mat or a comfortable spot to lie down while using your earbuds or headphones.

  • A blanket and pillow for extra comfort.

  • A blindfold or something to cover your eyes during your journeys.

  • A journal to record your shamanic experiences and spiritual growth.

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Module One
to get started

Join us on Zoom and discover if we're the right fit for your path! This free session is a great way to get to know each other, find out about our programs, and learn how we can support your spiritual growth. Sessions are 30 minutes each. Can't wait to meet you!

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