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Research Efforts

Over the past five years Laova and Eric have spent nearly 2,000 hours in channeled séance sessions speaking with spiritual beings. Eric has had the privilege of acting as scribe and communicating directly with these spiritual guides. Meanwhile, Laova has happily sacrificed these hours of her life to act as a "channel" (with no memory of what occurred within sessions).

The insights of these communications have completely transformed the lives of Laova and Eric. They have gained exciting revelations about metaphysical realities and the "path of the soul". Many of these communications have centered around such topics as "finding one's true life purpose", "connecting with your higher self", "raising spiritual vibration", and "the keys to spiritual healing". These sessions have provided many of the transformative insights which Laova and Eric now offer to their students.

Eric David Lingen

Shamanic Practitioner | Sound Healer | Hypnotist | Esoteric Researcher | Energy Healer

Eric’s initial journey into the realms of spirit began over two decades ago during a transformative trip to England at the age of 12. He was mesmerized by the ancient sites, including those of Stonehenge, Averbury Circle, and Glastonbury. He developed a deep yearning to unlock the secrets of the universal ancient wisdom that flowed through these places of power.

When Eric returned to Canada he threw himself into the study of ancient and alternative spirituality. Soon after, he received his first initiation into shamanism by the late Tira Brandon-Evans, founder of the Society of Celtic Shamans. For over 20 years he has been a devoted seeker of practical wisdom that can be applied to expanding consciousness and embracing the “supernatural” parts of human life and the soul’s identity.

Eric possesses a wealth of knowledge across diverse spiritual systems, including Eastern and Western Mysticism, Reiki, Ancient Paganism, Shamanism, Channeling, Spirit Work, and Mediumship. This broad foundation allows him to offer a holistic approach to spirituality, one that embraces the common threads that unite the diverse systems of spiritual practice.

Eric has devoted his life to exploring the Spirit World, and finding practical methods that seekers can use to connect with their ancestors, spirit guides, and the spirits of nature. He empowers his students to forge their own unique connection with the Spirit World and to overcome the blockages and self-destructive tendencies of the mind and ego.

Eric is also a second-degree black belt in Shotokan Karate, and in his younger days received his masters degree in International Public Policy while working with global think tanks and conferences.

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Laova Green Shirt.jpg

Shamanic Practitioner | Metaphysical Artist | Medium | Meditation Instructor | Energy Healer

Laova has had a "wide-open" connection with the spiritual realms since childhood. Growing up in a haunted house in her native Quebec, she could sense the presence of spirits on a daily basis and had many experiences with them. It was not until her 20s though that she awakened to the power of Shamanism. Soon after, the spirits and her guides helped Laova overcome many challenges in her life, including the shadows of childhood sexual abuse, a ten-year long depression, and the echoes of an abusive relationship.

Laova received her formal training in the Core Shamanism of Michael Harner’s Foundation for Shamanic Studies. She has also received instruction from local indigenous shamans and teachers. On her path, Laova has done her best to reconnect with her Innu heritage, honoring her great-great-grandmother and her ancestors, a pursuit she continues to explore.

Laova has worked with her spiritual guides and spirits for many years. She feels a deep need to help others and to assist them on their healing path. Laova’s own guides have helped her in such a transformational way that she can’t bear the thought of not sharing their wisdom with others!


Laova and Eric created the Spirit World Center in 2019, and since then Laova has trained her apprentices in the principles and practices of shamanism. She has helped them find back their spiritual power and heal their souls.

Laova is also a professional visual artist. She has been involved in numerous exhibitions, and has also worked as an art teacher, leading classes at art centers and galleries, and providing them to people living with chronic pain.

Over the last two years, Laova has pioneered her own unique form of metaphysical art. She calls this approach “numinous creativity”. The process centers around connecting with and honoring your spiritual guides and ancestors through deep meditation and ceremony. An art piece is thereby made “numinous”, in that divinity and consciousness are invited to reside within it. The piece becomes a portal through which spiritual presences are felt and communication can occur.

Image by Agnieszka Stankiewicz


Eric and Laova are a fascinating, friendly, and incredibly knowledgeable team of teachers to work with. Between the two of them, they can answer just about any question you might have about the occult, spiritual practices, magick, etc! During my time with them I felt like they were giving me very focused and individualized time and attention - the program did not in any way feel "cookie cutter" or one size fits all. I'd wholeheartedly recommend working with them to just about anybody interested in deepening their knowledge of magickal practices (their Q&A sessions alone are a super interesting deep dive into a variety of magickal topics and trivia!) Eric is a walking library of facts and knowledge, and Laova is truly in tune with the spirit world - it's a combination you can't beat."

Lilla D.

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I started learning from Laova and Eric in June 2020, and I've come a long way since then. With their guidance and support, I've engaged with my life in a way that's far deeper than I have in all the years prior. I've learned to read the signs of Spirit and honor the direction of my higher self. What I've loved especially about working with the Spirit World Center is how much I've been encouraged to be a channel for my own guides. They've reiterated to me time and time again that I am my own best teacher, and that I have all the answers within me or within reach. They inspire me to reach for those answers and have made me so curious about all the ways I can connect with my spirit team. Honestly, my spiritual life has been so beautifully enriched by the presence of Eric and Laova. I'm eternally grateful for having connected with them and for having access to their spiritual support. I highly recommend their apprenticeship programs!"

Emma H.

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Eric and the Spirit World Center have opened up a new and exciting world for me.  The spirit world is something that I have always wanted to know about and explore but  I could not find the right teachings or teacher. Thankfully I found Eric who has created this wonderful program that leads me, step by step, in understanding and learning about the spirit world. I look forward to receiving the weekly lessons and enjoy the process in learning and being a part of this wonderful spirit world. Thank you Eric and the Spirit World Center."

Karen L.

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