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Statement on Cultural Appropriation

We at the Spirit World Center take a firm stand against cultural appropriation.

At the Spirit World Center, we deeply value and respect the importance of honoring and preserving cultural practices. We believe in working with universal techniques that are inherent to the human experience, rooted in our biology and soul. These techniques, such as trance work, soul flight, ecstatic states of experience, and heart-based communication, transcend cultural boundaries and are accessible to all.

We recognize the distinction between universal techniques and cultural appropriation. Cultural practices, such as sacred songs, specific ceremonies, or ritual dances, hold deep significance and are developed through a profound relationship between a cultural group and the Spirit World. It is essential to respect and acknowledge the specific metaphysical connection that these practices represent, understanding that they are not available for appropriation or casual borrowing.

Our focus is on guiding you to establish your own unique and personal relationship with the spirit world. We offer teachings and practices that are universal and have existed since the dawn of humanity. By working with these ancient and universal techniques, you have the opportunity to forge a direct connection with spirit, discovering your own sacred dances, songs, and rituals that are bestowed upon you through spiritual realms.

At the Spirit World Center, we are here to support and guide you on your spiritual journey, helping you cultivate a deep and authentic connection with spirit in a way that respects and honors the sacredness of all cultural traditions.

– The Spirit World Center

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