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Treat yourself or spoil a friend! Enjoy one of our many experiences that will elevate your vibrations, reduce your stress levels, enhance your intuition, and release you from unhelpful energies. Leave the session feeling fresh, invigorated, and with a new sense of self!

Disclaimer: Our Spa Day packages are not therapeutic sessions. They do not replace the services of a health professional or therapist.  The experiences and services we provide are solely intended for your spiritual enjoyment and self-improvement.

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About the Session
Duration: One Hour 

Explore powerful ways to enter trance and call upon the help of your guides for empowerment, blessings, and protection. Experience the flow of trance postures and spiritual movements to invoke the energies you need in your life right now.


In a mindful and meditative process, we will open your heart to precisely what you need at this time. It could be love, joy, strength, motivation, courage, creativity, focus, mindfulness, discipline, playfulness, acceptance, clarity, compassion, etc. The possibilities are INFINITE!


Be ready to receive an abundance of energies that will rush vividly through your entire being! After this session, you will feel inspired and imbued with power!

About the Session
Duration: One Hour

Enjoy a session of spiritual cleansing and rejuvenation; it will be a delight for your soul. Free yourself from energy blockages. Release all the stress, tension, worry, and frustration that currently affects your life.

Experience a gentle yet profound cleansing that will purify your heart and bring peace to your soul. You will feel the flow of vibrant energy travelling within you! 

You will feel alive and replenished after this delightful spiritual experience.

About the Session
Duration: One Hour

Improve your trance experience and overcome third-eye blockages such as confusion, uncertainty, cynicism, lack of purpose, and pessimism.


Experience a third-eye stimulation with Laova and deepen your spiritual connection, feel a shift in your spiritual perception, increase your creative flow, and find a sense of bliss.


You will leave this session with a "spiritual exercise kit" that will help you improve your trance work. Practiced daily, it will help you improve your mental clarity, concentration, imagination, intuition, spiritual perception, and universal connection.

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