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Ceremony of Passage

(as channelled by The Spirit World Center)

The following (PDF) is to be read to the deceased at some point after their passing. It will give them guidance for passing over to the Otherside without difficulty. It does not matter whether you are near to their former vessel when reciting this text, or whether any time has passed since their exit from the physical world.

Preliminary Instructions:

Sit in meditation. Enter into a calm and relaxed mental state by focusing on your breathing. When you are ready, have the mental image of the deceased in your mind. This thought of the deceased will connect you to them at a psychic level. They will hear what you say. Remember that time and space are illusions of the physical world. In cases where the deceased is an animal, know that they will understand the “meaning” of what you say, even if the words you speak are unknown to them. Communication with the spirits is from the heart, and not from the head.

You may read the following words off a piece of paper or other device. It is essential though to keep the deceased in mind throughout the recitation. Recite this text to the deceased however often you feel it necessary. In the initial days after a passing, you may read it every day for a week. After this initial week, once a week or once a month will suffice. These recitations act as a reminder to the deceased of what path they should be taking. With these reminders, their soul is never lost.

Further instructions in PDF:

Download PDF • 82KB

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