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Welcome to the Spirit World Center

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It is our mission at the Spirit World Center to educate the public about the spiritual realms. We awaken our students to the benefits of connecting with their guides and spiritual allies, and the deep transformative forces that this process can unlock.

To connect with the spirits is a skill that all people have deep within them. It is our goal to help practitioners unlock their abilities and thereby facilitate deep personal transformation within themselves while also empowering their service offerings.

Are you a spiritual practitioner who is looking to improve your abilities and unlock your connection with your spiritual guides? Then you are in the right place!

explore our courses

Spirit Communication, A Course Specifically Designed for Spiritual Practitioners.

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Spirit Communication

for Empowered Spiritual Practitioners

We developed our course in spirit communication specifically for spiritual practitioners. It is well suited for practitioners of all backgrounds. Reiki practitioners, Tarot readers, sound healers, yoga teachers, and more will benefit from this training. Throughout your studies, you will access spirit-guided techniques to empower your professional services. You will also develop skills that allow you to connect with the direct help and guidance of your spiritual team. With this assistance, you will cut through personal and professional blockages and emerge as a more enlightened version of yourself, capable of incredible things. 

Upon completion of 12 months of study, students are eligible to receive their Certificate in Spirit Communication. This accreditation is offered to all students who display competence within the techniques of Full Spectrum Spirit Communication. 

Empower your spiritual practice and services you offer.


Soul healing

for Mastery of Self

The Soul Healing course was crafted with a unique fusion of our personal experiences from trance healing journeys, insights from spirits, and our comprehensive studies in psychology, self-help, spirituality, and esoteric subjects. This course equips you with tools for self-healing and self-mastery that will serve you for the rest of your life.

The course in Soul Healing aims to help you achieve self mastery. It is a way of life, so you can find inner peace, master your emotions, set strong boundaries, heal past trauma, and overcome any self-sabotage or obstacles blocking your success and healing journey. By walking this path, you will feel empowered and connected with the universe, nature, your ancestors, and your guides. This course will guide you step by step towards deeper healing. It's a way of life that will transform you in ways you can't imagine now. You have a lot of potential that might still be dormant. We understand this and want to help you awaken your power, so you can use it to live to your fullest spiritual potential.


We designed this course for spiritual practitioners of all levels, offering a step-by-step process to master trance journeying and soul healing. You will learn how to journey on your own, but we also provide a weekly recorded guided journey. These are great for beginners or for times when you might feel too tired to journey alone - because, let's face it, life does get busy! For those already experienced in trance journeying, this course offers an extensive collection of healing journeys. These will enhance and deepen your existing practice in wonderfully unexpected ways.

Start a journey of deep transformation



Grab Your

Join us for a "cup of tea" over Zoom and find out if we're the right fit for your path! It's a relaxed way to get to know our courses and how we can support your spiritual growth. The online session takes about 30 to 45 minutes. Can't wait to meet you!

Once a Student, Always Our Student

We deeply care about your progress along the path. We are not some corporate online school that treats you like a number and not a person. We create a personal connection with all our students. We take our role as mentors very seriously as we guide you to new heights on your path.

Our program is delivered through weekly curriculum emails over the course of one year. During this time you receive monthly one-on-one mentorship sessions through Zoom. These sessions provide personalized advice and guidance. You will also have access to the Student Forum, a community of fellow seekers devoted to the path. In addition, you will have access to weekly on-demand email coaching (with a guaranteed response within 48-hours) so you will always feel supported.

But that’s not all! After your twelfth and final monthly payment you will be granted access to the Student Forum for life. You will also receive an additional three years of weekly on-demand email coaching. Have a question two years from now? Just send us a message and we will respond with detailed advice.


We care deeply about helping you on your path. So even after you receive the last lesson of the program, you are still our student. We support you.


Full Spectrum Spirit Communication


Full Spectrum Spirit Communication is a powerful form of engagement with the spiritual realms.  It is composed of three sets of techniques, these are the Three Pillars. While many traditions of spirit contact focus solely on one pillar,  we find that by engaging in all three a “multiplier effect” is achieved. The three pillars are like the legs of a tripod. They are stronger when they are all supporting each other. 

The first pillar is Spiritual Receptivity. This pillar pertains to all things mediumship, channeling, divination, and intuition. With these techniques we tune in and listen to messages broadcast to us from the Spirit World. With this pillar, we let "them come to us".

By contrast, the second pillar of Trance Journeying sends us outwards to the Spirit World. With this ancient and universal ability, the practitioner enters trance and sends their consciousness to the realms of spirit. This technique has many different names and variations, such as astral traveling, shamanic journeying, and lucid dreaming. With this pillar, "we go to them".

Finally, Spirit Work (the most often overlooked aspect of spirit communication) is all about relationship building. With this pillar we invite the spirits to join us here in the Physical World through sacred ceremonies and offerings. We empower our guides and allies, creating powerful alliances, friendships, and working relationships.

By combining the Three Pillars, we arrive at a truly wonderful and empowered spiritual practice.



" I came to the spirit world center when I was at an extremely low point in my life. Eric and Laova opened the door to soul healing for me and it has been completely life changing. The course material is rich and easy to jump into. 

Trance journeying has given me the tools I needed to deal with life challenges, as well as heal from the past. The teachers have been extremely supportive, and I couldn’t be happier to  have started my soul healing journey at the Spirit world center."

Derek M.

Meet Your Teachers

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Eric and Laova are lifelong seekers who destiny brought together to create the Spirit World Center. After a series of shared paranormal events (that ended up being an initiation by their guides into the deeper mysteries of the Spirit World) they chose to create a safe space for spiritual practitioners who wished to awaken their connection with the spirits.


Eric began his spiritual quest over two decades ago at the age of 12. Over the years he has explored many traditions of spirit contact and has become a respected authority on practical techniques for communicating with the spirits. He endorses a hands on approach to spirit communication, one without dogma, in which students develop their own personal relationship with the spiritual realms. In his more "material" life,


Eric holds a Masters in International Public Policy. Eric is the primary teacher in our spirit communication course, meeting with students each month to guide them. He can also be reached on the Student Forum and can be listened to anytime as the host of the Spirit World Center Podcast.


Laova has had the ability to see spirits since she was a child. Over the past 10 years, she's become an expert in various spiritual practices like soul healing, ancestral healing, spirit channeling, Psychopomp work, and other trance practices, all learned along her shamanic path. She brings a wealth of techniques and wisdom to our center due to her continuous research and development in the field of trance practices. 


Laova is also a talented visionary artist who creates paintings inspired by her spiritual journeys, often portraying mysterious healing rituals. In our Soul Healing course, she serves as the main teacher, offering compassionate guidance through her teachings. You can find her on the Student Forum, happily sharing her experiences about the spirit world. She is eager to learn about yours!

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our podcast

The Spirit World Center Podcast initially began as a means to publish Q&A sessions for our students. But it has since blossomed into a program that reaches a much broader audience worldwide.

On our ongoing Spirit Talk series, Eric and Laova discuss the many benefits of working with the spirits and inviting them into our lives. Drawing from first hand experience and ongoing research, they delve into the many possibilities that emerge from reaching out to one's guides.

Additionally, we feature interviews with leading experts in the field of mediumship and esoteric research, sharing their firsthand experiences and ongoing connections with the Spirit World. Join us as we delve into captivating stories and gain valuable insights!!

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