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Welcome to the Spirit World Center! You have taken a first step on a path of incredible spiritual transformation. Our mission at the center is to better the lives of our students, heal the souls of all those who cross our path, forge positive relationships with the Spirit World, and create a better world for the spirits of nature, our ancestors, and ourselves!


What is Visionary Mediumship?

Have you heard of astral traveling, shamanic journeys, and mystical visions? These are all forms of visionary mediumship, a term used to describe the universal human gift to enter trance and meet with spiritual beings in other worlds.

A visionary medium is someone who closes their eyes, enters into a trance, and experiences a visionary interaction (often dreamlike) with the Spirit World.

Visionary mediumship is a skill that dwells within all of us, just waiting for the right circumstances to be released. Many people never get close to unlocking it. But by being here, right now, you are closer than most!

Visionary mediumship allows us to commune with the spiritual realms. In such altered states of consciousness you can meet with your guides, your ancestors, plant and animal spirits, and many other spiritual beings to discover their wisdom and ask for help.

At the center we teach you to enter trance through "sound entrainment" (e.g. listening to drumming, guided journeys, or sacred chanting) as well as through trance body postures. Once you enter trance, you will find that your consciousness is able to access wonderful visionary experiences and dreamlike spiritual journeys.

Are you someone who is intuitive or empathic? Has had spiritual or paranormal experiences in your past? Or works with healing energy like Reiki? Any spiritual sensitivity that you have will be strongly amplified through the trance process, allowing you deep access to the spiritual realms.

And the best part? You can do all this from the comfort of your own home... laying down on your bed and listening to an audio track! And with our one-on-one mentoring, you will be able to unlock your full spiritual potential.

What We Offer

Here at the Spirit World Center you will access all you need to become an accomplished visionary medium. And you will do so with first-hand instruction through our one-on-one apprenticeship-inspired training process! 

You will learn to spiritually heal and empower yourself. You will unlock hidden talents that lie dormant deep within you. And you will be able to become the best version of yourself, one that is in harmony with your highest self!

You can become a visionary medium who actively helps disembodied spirits pass over to the other side, who aids in healing the landscape to help the spirits of nature who dwell there, who heals the ancestors, and who leads modern people to remember the old ways of "symbiosis" with the spirits.


Start learning Today!




Studying with us is like visiting with the sage at the edge of the village in ancient times. In days of old, to become an apprentice, you would create a rich and meaningful relationship with an experienced teacher, and they would provide you with the wisdom of their life experience.
You can do the same with us! You can knock at the door of our "online sanctuary". We care deeply about our students and their self-actualization. Our students are not numbers to us. We strive to provide the kind of personalized and caring learning experience which has sadly become uncommon in the modern e-learning environment.


We promise you that you won't have a "one size fits all" learning experience with us! We are proud to give our students love, guidance, compassion, and support throughout their experience.

That's right, all of our programs are provided with one-on-one meetings with an instructor! We provide this because we believe in personalized support for our students. We want you to succeed on your spiritual path.

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Meet Your Teachers

Little did we know how things would turn out in our lives! The spirits lovingly and mischievously brought us together. Since then, our souls have been intertwined as we passionately share the wisdom of the Spirit World.

After a series of inexplicable paranormal events, we understood we couldn't ignore the call of the benevolent and cunning spirits. Every day since then, we have walked the path of the spirits and devoutly explored the Spirit World. The sage and compassionate spirits showed us ways to weave sacred threads of love, healing, wisdom, and transformation for humans, nature, and spirit beings. Ever since, we have committed to developing practices to incorporate these sacred patterns into the tapestry of our lives and those of others.


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