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Welcome to the Spirit World Center

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It is our mission at the Spirit World Center to educate the public about the spiritual realms and the path of personal transformation. We awaken our students to their connection with their spiritual allies and guides, and to the deep transformative forces that a spiritual life can unlock.

In this modern age, the spirits have been largely forgotten. Yet the ancient spirits of our ancestors and the divine desire to be remembered. They long to share their healing and guidance with the modern world, and with you. It is our goal to help the spirits be remembered.

To connect with the spirits is a skill that all people have deep within them. It is our path to help seekers unlock their untapped abilities and enter upon a life-long path of soul healing and self-realization.

Are you a seeker or a spiritual practitioner who is looking to unlock your abilities and open up your connection with your spirit guides? Then you are in the right place!

online Programs

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Our Spirit-Guided Enlightenment Program provides you with the tools to achieve self-realization, healing, and awakened living in this life.

Intended for spiritual seekers of all types, in this program you will learn valuable tools for taming and harnessing the ego, attaining non-dual experiences of reality, discovering your authentic and divine self, and connecting with the spiritual realms in a transcendental way. And you will do so with the help of your spirit guides!

You will have all the tools necessary to find inner peace, master your emotions, set strong boundaries, and overcome any self-sabotage or blockages that are in the way on your journey to self-mastery. By walking this path you will become empowered and connected with the universe, nature, your ancestors, and your spirit guides.

We lead you step-by-step, awakening you to a way of life that will transform you in ways you can't even imagine! In the process you will unlock dormant abilities and discover your true spiritual power. You will be empowered to live to your fullest potential, and learn how to bring the blessings of the divine into your life and the lives of others.


We developed our Spirit Communication Program specifically for "spiritual practitioners". It is well suited for professionals of all backgrounds, including Reiki practitioners, Tarot readers, sound healers, yoga teachers, and more.


You will discover spirit-guided techniques for empowering your professional services, harmonizing your spirit, improving yourself as a practitioner, opening your intuitive channel, and connecting with your guides!


You will develop skills for connecting with the direct help and guidance of your spiritual team, the spiritual ecosystem that surrounds you, and your higher self.

You will learn how to cut through personal and professional blockages with the help of the spirits, and emerge as a more empowered and enlightened version of yourself, capable of incredible things! You can think of this program as a "supplement" to your current practice.

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Free Consultation



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Join us on Zoom and discover if we're the right fit for your path! This free session is a great way to get to know each other, find out about our programs, and learn how we can support your spiritual growth. Sessions are 30 minutes each. Can't wait to meet you!

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You can also check out our podcast! The Spirit World Center Podcast initially began as a means to publish Q&A sessions for our students. But it has since blossomed into a program that reaches a much broader audience worldwide.

On our ongoing Spirit Talk series, Eric and Laova discuss the many benefits of working with the spirits. Drawing from first-hand experience and ongoing research, they delve into the many possibilities that emerge from reaching out to one's guides and deities.

We also feature interviews with leading experts in the field of spirituality, mediumship, and esoteric research, sharing their firsthand experiences and insights. Join us as we delve into their captivating stories!

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