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Advanced Soul

( VM103 )


About the COURSE

In Advanced Soul Healing, you will learn about the next step of soul healing techniques. Soul healing is an extraordinary form of trance healing that requires commitment and courage to face one's darkness.

During this advanced course, you will first learn about power loss and soul loss. Next, you will learn how to perform power retrieval and soul retrieval.

By practicing these techniques, You will recover, integrate and cultivate your power and lost soul parts. This will leave you feeling whole and at peace. The nagging sense of emptiness and meaningless subsides, and one is left with a calm and optimistic perspective on reality.

Power recover and soul recovery truly are two wondrous techniques for finding one's happiness again.

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VM103 Course CurriCulum


Duration: 12 weeks

Power Retrieval Mastery



Power loss is very common, it often occurs when you are living a life that is out of harmony with nature, not being true to who you truly are, or in which your boundaries are being violated. Anything which causes a disconnection from nature, the land, your ancestors, the divine, or your soul’s purpose can lead to power loss.

This phase of the course is about power loss, power recovery, and integration. We will practice “power retrieval”, and you will learn how to shape your life in new ways to create a lifestyle that is conducive to keeping and strengthening your power!

You will be given all the tools necessary to finish this section feeling full of energy and living in a way that empowers you and fills your life with happiness and meaning. 

  • Learn the symptoms and causes of power loss.

  • Feel hopeful, motivated, energized, strong, and proud again.

  • Find clarity in your life goals

  • Let go of fear and follow your soul's desire. Learn to distinguish between your ego's desires and those of your soul.

  • Raise awareness of where you might lose power in your life.

  • Recover lost power and learn how to maintain it.

  • Learn how to cultivate your power and enhance your gifts.

  • Enhance your intuition and acquire skills to help you listen to your soul.

  • Build trust in yourself and in the spirits.

  • Learn to establish respect for yourself and set strong boundaries.

  • Connect with nature, your ancestors, and your heart.

  • Learn how to celebrate life and death.


Duration: 12 weeks

Soul Retrieval Mastery



Trauma and suffering (both physical and emotional) cause us to lose our spiritual power and pieces of our soul/consciousness.


When a person is unable to deal with a trauma experienced in this life, a part of their soul/consciousness retreats into the Spirit World while keeping within it the "felt experience" of that pain.


This is a coping strategy so that the overall being does not have to experience (or the "felt memory" of) the entirety of the traumatic event.


The soul can become fractured like this at any point in life. Nearly all people have suffered some power and soul loss.

In this phase of the course, you will learn the causes & symptoms of soul loss. You will learn how to retrieve and integrate a lost piece of soul. Finally you will learn how to cultivate love and serenity within to keep the soul piece as part of you.

  • Learn the symptoms and causes of soul loss.

  • Recover lost pieces of soul.

  • Stop engaging in self-sabotage and find meaningful values.

  • Find clarity on your path and follow your soul pattern.

  • Experience sacred ceremonies to integrate a piece of soul.

  • Feel complete inside (no longer feeling like something is missing).

  • Build up strong willpower and stand up for yourself.

  • Find profound healing and meaning in life.

  • Feel at peace with emotionally challenging events.

Deeper wounds can be explored with the assistance of a mental health professional. If you don't feel comfortable revisiting a part of your life or a specific wound, please respect your limits and focus on healing parts that you feel comfortable with.


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A Word From Laova

I strive to be a source of help and compassion. I will always listen, and I will always take into account your own unique path and gifts.


Life can be chaotic and full of personal "blockages". Know that I am here for you. Together we can address procrastination, inner resistance, fears, and the feeling of being overwhelmed. Know that we will proceed in a gentle and caring way, and I will help you find the path to overcome these things.

This is a judgement free zone; I will never judge you. I accept you as you are right now on your path. We will always proceed at your own particular rhythm. I will never rush you. No self-sabotage or inner blockages can stop us. Together, and with the help of our spirit guides, we can find solutions.

May the wise spirits and loving ancestors guide your way.

- Laova

continuing studies



V102 | 6 Months
V101 Required
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SOUL Healing

V103 | 6 Months
V101 & V102 Required


V104 | 6 Months
V101 - V103 Required


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