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( VM101 )



With our training you will reconnect with the Spirit World. You will rediscover a spiritual reality that cares about you, and wants to help you. These spiritual beings have been with you your entire life, they have simply been hidden from you by the limitations of our own human awareness.


You will learn to journey into the Spirit World, engage in heart-based communication, and connect with your guides. You will discover how to protect yourself, empower yourself, and spiritually heal yourself and your loved ones.

You will become a practitioner of ancient wisdom and techniques. You will unlock skills and abilities which you can use within your life, and which you can mix with any other spiritual practice.

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On this path You will learn to...

Connect with the Spirit World. Meet your guardian spirit and spiritual helpers.


Communicate with the spirits of plants, rocks, and animals. Live in harmony with the spirits of the land.


Discover and strengthen your healing power. Banish negativity and bring positivity into your life.


Rewild yourself (get in touch with your true self, and connect with the divine of nature).


Establish harmony between yourself and the spiritual ecosystem around you.

Overcome your fears, resistance, blockages and anything that is in the way of your life. 


Find your own value and worth, and build self-confidence in all areas of your life.


Strengthen your intuition by tuning into heart-based communication with the Spirit World.


Work magick with the Spirit World, the elements, primordial spiritual energies… and much more!


Once these introductory studies are complete, the student is eligible to start upon Continuing Studies courses. Current advanced courses include Intro to Soul Healing (VM102), Advanced Soul Healing (VM103), and Ancestral Healing (VM104).

There is no risk in taking our courses. The last thing we want is for you to be paying for something you don't want! We offer a full money-back guarantee during the first month of a course, and even after the first 30 days you can cancel at any time. You are never on the hook for the whole 6 months!

VM101 COURSE CurriCulum


Duration: 8 weeks

Initiation to Trance Work and Spirit World Cosmology



  • Discover what is soul travel and trance journeying.

  • Learn about the spiritual ecosystem that surrounds you.

  • Uncover what are non-ordinary states of consciousness and how to enter trance to connect with the Spirit World.

  • Explore how to make your mind collaborate before a meditation session or any trance work.

  • Learn the difference between Healed Ancestors and Unhealed Ancestors.

  • Learn about spiritual hygiene and how to protect yourself in the Spirit World and in your everyday life.

  • Discover how to differentiate and know "who" is talking to you in a journey, and how to set boundaries with any kind of spirit.

  • Practice a pre-journey ceremony to consecrate your space and make it sacred.

  • Meet with your guardian spirit & learn how to open a connection and cultivate spiritual symbiosis with them.

  • Discover the link between your intuition and your Guardian Spirit.

  • Create an "energy anchor".

  • Receive your first message from the Spirit World!


Duration: 6 weeks

Trance Journeys & Mapping The Spirit World



  • Perform a soul travel journey all by yourself.

  • Explore various parts of the Spirit World through journeying (the lower, liminal, and upper realms).

  • Learn how to navigate the Spirit World with ease.

  • Meet & connect with ancestors, animal spirits, plant people, stone people, and the genius loci of your area.

  • Receive your first intuitive healing from wise nature spirits and your loving ancestors.

  • Experience spiritual symbiosis with plant spirits, stone spirits and animal spirits. Receive the wisdom of all nature spirits.

  • Participate in a special sacred ceremony to connect with Mother Nature and establish a strong and powerful connection with the Earth.

  • Gain a sense of connection with nature and find the sacred in the "small things" in life.


Duration: 10 weeks

Primordial Energies & Meeting Your Spirit Helpers



  • Learn about the "primordial energies" and how they create our world.

  • Understanding personal blockages and the principles of energy.

  • You will introduce yourself to various spirits who will empower you with their particular spiritual energies in various parts of your life.

  • Learn spiritual techniques to overcome blockages that you experience in your everyday life.

  • Receive tools from the spirits to move towards self-mastery. With these tools, you will be able to overcome anything that is in the way of your personal growth and fulfillment.

  • Conquer inner challenges such as fears, stress, procrastination, the feeling of being overwhelmed, perfectionism, low self-confidence, self-sabotage, creative blockages, weak boundaries, not trusting your intuition, and much more.

  • Connect with spiritual beings who can help you succeed when dealing with the difficulties that arise in your life. They will provide compassionate and wise guidance to help you navigate the most challenging times in your existence.

  • Learn from beings who have helped our ancestors for many millennia to overcome the harshest conditions on Earth.  

  • Learn how to deal with the "energies of chaos" and "change" within your life.

  • By connecting with your spiritual guides and creating a profound connection with them you can attract the following benefits into your life: focus, concentration, calm, motivation, a quiet mind, creativity, mindfulness, playfulness, vitality, confidence, compassion, discipline, clarity of vision, better communication, a sense of connection with the sacred in all things, a sense of humor, beautyabundance, bliss and more... I can't emphasize enough HOW MUCH your guides can help you transform your life!


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A Word From Laova

I strive to be a source of help and compassion. I will always listen, and I will always take into account your own unique path and gifts.


Life can be chaotic and full of personal "blockages". Know that I am here for you. Together we can address procrastination, inner resistance, fears, and the feeling of being overwhelmed. Know that we will proceed in a gentle and caring way, and I will help you find the path to overcome these things.

This is a judgement free zone; I will never judge you. I accept you as you are right now on your path. We will always proceed at your own particular rhythm. I will never rush you. No self-sabotage or inner blockages can stop us. Together, and with the help of our spirit guides, we can find solutions.

May the wise spirits and loving ancestors guide your way.

- Laova

continuing studies


In this course you will learn all that you need to enter into a non-ordinary state of consciousness, navigate the Spirit World, communicate with your guides, and find the support you need. If you wish to delve deeper and learn the practices of trance healing, I invite you to continue to Intro to Soul Healing, Advanced Soul Healing, and Ancestral Healing!

In our Continuing Studies courses, you will learn about the techniques of soul healing. Soul healing encapsulates various sacred ceremonies that will help you to let go and make space within you so you can receive new vibrant energies into your life. We will explore subjects such as the place of emotions from a soul perspective as well as spiritual death and rebirth. You will learn spiritual healing techniques including working with the four elements and learning how to find healing temples in the Spirit World. We will also dive deep into spiritual healing techniques such as extraction, disentanglement, and depossession.

Further into the Continuing Studies, you will learn about advanced soul healing techniques. Soul healing is an extraordinary form of trance healing that requires commitment and courage to face one's darkness. Within this advanced curriculum, you will learn about power loss and soul loss. Next, you will learn how to perform power retrieval and soul retrieval. By practicing these techniques, you will recover, integrate, and cultivate your powers and lost soul parts. You will be working closely with your guides and experiencing profound and meaningful healing moments which will enable you to overcome blockages, fears, fatigue, stress, anxiety, insomnia, addiction, etc. You will even acquire skills to build spiritual power from within to empower yourself and others.

And even further into your studies, you will be initiated into ancestral healing. You will open yourself to the flow of wisdom and healing energy between you and your ancestors. You will come to understand why unhealed ancestors create harm even when they are genuinely trying to help. You will learn about the place of death in our lives and how to cultivate a healthy relationship with it. You will explore the foundations of psychopomp work, trance postures, and how to create an ancestral shrine. You will retrieve the blessings and protection of your family legacy through the power of ancestral healing! 

Finally, you will learn advanced ancestral healing and psychopomp techniques. You will be initiated as a psychopomp practitioner with a sacred ceremony, allowing you to perform in-journey psychopomp work. You will navigate unique places in the Spirit World to perform healing for the souls of the dead, helping to pass their souls to the afterlife. From these experience, you will have insights that will help you realize the role and impact of family, community, and nature within your life. And you will become accomplished at recognizing ancestral patterns which affect your life for better and worse.



V102 | 6 Months
V101 Required
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SOUL Healing

V103 | 6 Months
V101 & V102 Required


V104 | 6 Months
V101 - V103 Required
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