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Visionary Mediumship

What is Visionary Mediumship?

We must first explain what is a “medium”. A medium is “a person who communicates with the spirits”.

The spirits are non-physical consciousnesses who most people normally cannot see or feel. The spirits include humans and animals who have passed on, ancient ancestors, spirit guides, deities, primordial energies, and the consciousnesses of the local spiritual ecosystem.

Mediumship is found within all cultures and throughout time. It is an ancient art that has taken on many forms throughout the ages. There are as many types of mediums as there are ways to interact with the spirits. For example, there are mediums who interact with the spirits through a form of telepathy, hearing or feeling messages and bringing them through from the Other Side. There are also mediums who act as “channelers” and allow the spirits to speak directly through them. There are even mediums who allow spirits to take temporary control of their body to communicate.

Visionary Mediumship is another form that spirit communication has taken over the ages. A visionary medium is someone who enters into a trance (i.e. a “non-ordinary state of awareness”) and has a “visionary experience”. In this experience they undergo “soul flight” or "astral flight", during which they feel their consciousness moving freely from their physical body in a dreamlike manner. Over the course of this visionary journey the practitioner meets with various spirits in the Spirit World and communicates with them. The practitioner may receive healing or guidance from the spirits. After this experience, the medium returns to the physical world and may communicate lessons learned from the spirits to those in need of guidance.

Visionary Mediumship has appeared in many different contexts throughout the ages. The ecstatic out of body travels of mystics from many faiths, including Christianity, contain trance-induced astral meetings with spiritual beings such as angels, and visits to heavenly realms.

Furthermore, patterns of Visionary Mediumship can be found in many spiritual traditions within indigenous cultures to which anthropologists have applied the term “Shamanic”, with practitioners entering trance and going on spiritual journeys to the realm of the spirits.

The nighttime astral travels of historical European witches (the misunderstood healers and oracles of their day) are another example, with their dreamlike trance that was induced through the use of a hallucinogenic "flying ointment" absorbed through the skin. 

Similar processes of soul flight and communion are found within the techniques of the Monroe Institute, which uses binaural beats to send practitioners on journeys to the non-physical realm where they may meet with its denizens. The pathworking meditations of the mystical Qabalah are also contained within this nexus of Visionary Mediumship.

Even lucid dreamers embark on spontaneous spiritual trips, encountering spiritual beings who offer to guide and heal them. Users of DMT and other psychedelics frequently encounter independent conscious entities. And practitioners of esoteric “out of body” and “astral travel” techniques often commune with spiritual beings on their travels.

Indeed, Visionary Mediumship is so ingrained in the human experience that many people who are particularly sensitive to trance spontaneously travel to the Spirit World while performing simple mindfulness or mantra meditations!

Prior to its adoption by the Spirit World Center the term “Visionary Mediumship” was virtually unknown, having been used in only a handful of academic sources. However, we feel the term accurately reflects the many cross-cultural manifestations of visionary spirit interactions described above. The term has been warmly greeted by spiritual practitioners looking for a way to define their own visionary experiences.

It is our hope that, by embracing the commonalities inherent to these experiences and realizing their universality, humanity will rediscover its shared and innate ability to communicate with the spiritual realms through visionary trance!

At the Spirit World Center, we teach our own form of Visionary Mediumship, one without dogma or belief. We focus on practical techniques that will help you connect with your guides, ancestors, and other spirits. We know that it is important for you to create your own personal relationship with the Spirit World. We never ask you to take anything “on faith”. Rather, you will test everything out and find out what is true for you and your own experience of this reality.

We have taken our collective experience from working with mystical, shamanic, esoteric, and hermetic forms of visionary spirit communication, and have put together a practical system of techniques. You will learn to enter trance through drum entrainment, trance postures, soulful chant, ecstatic dance, and more! With our techniques you will be able to connect with your guides and become a visionary medium who has a positive relationship with the many spirits in your life!

– The Spirit World Center

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