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Raise Your Vibration

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In 2019 we began to channel spirit guides through the wonderful mediumistic talents of Laova. Over the last five years we have spent over 2,000 hours in these sessions.


Throughout these channelings we were given a specific set of techniques for personal transformation. We have spent our every waking moment receiving these techniques and putting them into practice. Through them we have received much healing, clarity and transformation. Indeed, we have been irrevocably changed by the experience. We have tested these techniques thoroughly, and we now are ready to share them with you.


These techniques, given to us by spirit guides, ancestors, and spirits of nature, can be used by anyone to reach higher states of awareness, connect with your higher self, realize your interconnectedness with the entire universe, and feel the undeniable presence of deities, ancestors, and the spirits of nature in your life.

These are practical techniques that you can perform within your daily life, and from which you will feel the results within the very depth of your being. ​​​We are not here to teach any dogma. All we offer are practical techniques. You may believe whatever you wish regarding metaphysical things.

These techniques will work for anyone who is prepared to connect with their spirit guides, ask for their assistance, and put in the time on practical exercises. You can do all this and stay true to any particularly spiritual tradition to which you belong.​​​​

Your spirit guides have the answers for you, They know how to help you achieve your true purpose in this life and to attain to higher vibrations of awareness. All you have to do is reach out!

What is "Spirit-Guided" Enlightenment

Enlightenment is a term found within many cultures. In Eastern Philosophy it refers to the merging of your awareness with the divine or universal consciousness. In Western Mysticism the term applies to the direct vision of, or union with, the divine.

We have found that there are many effective paths to enlightenment. So many in fact that it can become quite confusing for the seeker to navigate through this maze of ideas. But we have found that your spirit guides know the perfect path for you! And by reaching out to them, they will guide you to your highest potential. 

“Spirit-Guided Enlightenment” is a path of self transformation in which your own spirit guides lead you on the path. Indeed, we don't provide you with any answers, your spirit guides do. We just provide you with the questions to ask them, This ensures you are able to get the most out of your work with them,,

Spirit-Guided Enlightenment can lead you to:

  • Raise your consciousness and vibration to higher levels of awareness.

  • Connect with your authentic and divine self, and come to a sense of identity that is “beyond this body”. 

  • Access "non-dual" states of awareness in which the sense of “self and “other” dissolves.

  • Feel a constant sense of interconnectedness with all things (and nature). 

  • Tame the ego and turn it into a partner and friend, not an enemy.

  • Unlock your intuition and the guidance of the divine.

  • Become aware of the presence of deities and spirits around you at all times, offering you guidance and support.

  • Find a deep sense of peace and conquer your fears.

  • Discover your ultimate purpose in this life and fill your life with meaning.

  • Integrate your “shadow”, achieve mental clarity, and establish control over negative emotions.

  • Break through the mental and energetic blockages that hold you back.

  • Manifest your reality through the purest desires of your true self.

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What is the Path Like?


The path requires dedication, and can take many years, but anyone, with enough effort, can successfully walk it. It is a path of joy and meaning. Every day you feel more in touch with who you truly are, and more integrated with the spiritual realms around you. You will be able to gauge your progress directly, by observing the changes you feel within you. You will arrive at a state of elevated consciousness, from which your earlier self will be but a distant memory.

At the core of the path, you will work on observable spiritual realities within yourself. And you will do this through many means. Some techniques might work better for you than others, and that is OK. Because there will always be "something" that will "get your there"! Ultimately the techniques of this path are accessible to everyone, and involve tapping into the dormant abilities within you.

Throughout the process of spiritual transformation you will be guided by your spirit guides. Indeed, your spirit guides are the “heavy lifters” in this effort! It is they that will be helping to create massive change within you, with your consent. 

There are many paths to enlightenment. This is simply one that was given to us by the spirits through over 2,000 hours of our channeled communications. We are confident it will work for you, and we can attest that it is a spiritually fulfilling path.

You will end up with a tamed ego, a deep connection with your true divine self, freedom from the “blockages” of self-limiting beliefs and patterns, and a transcendent connection with your guides, ancestors, and the spirits of nature!

Are you weary, being led by ego's hand?
A path awaits, a journey grand.
Tame the ego, befriend it too,
With guiding spirits, leading you.

The Techniques

Spirit Guide Communication: Converse directly with your spirit guides through various means, including heart-based communication, meditation, merging (in which you merge your energy field with that of a spirit guide), and "spirit journey meditations".

Spirit Journey Meditations: We provide you with unique guided journeys every week that are specifically designed to put you into a deep meditative state and allow your consciousness to journey into the Spirit World. There you can meet with your spirit guides and receive guidance and transformation from them. The process is similar to "astral travel", "shamanic journeying", and even lucid dreaming.

Manifesting Self-Transformation: Perform acts of spiritual manifestation (similar to the "law of attraction") with the purpose and intent of transforming the self and burning away blockages, energies, and patterns that no longer serve you.

Ceremonies of Transformation: By timing meaningful ceremonies of transformation with the cycle of the seasons and the Moon, you will wash away your old self and connect with the cycles of time and rebirth.

Shadow Work: Delve into the darkest depths of your ego to bring light to your innermost being. Transform the past, give love to yourself, and awaken your future.

Energy Work: Work with the energy systems of your body to allow your consciousness to rise. By shaping and moving energy, new heights of awareness can be attained.

Intuitive Development: Open yourself to divine guidance through the intuition and "heart-based communication". ​Awaken that inner "knower" who is tapped into the wisdom of the cosmos!

Meditation: Meditation is a key technique to weed out any distractions and impurities of the mind and find the true essence of "you". Only in stillness does the "artificial" self of the ego turn off and you see your true divine self.

Establishing Symbiosis: Establish "symbiosis" with spiritual beings (and nature) through acts such as gifts and prayer. Symbiosis is a state of mutual respect and reciprocal giving in which we humbly take our place within the web of life, and invite the help of spiritual beings.

Dream Work: Invite spiritual transformation to come to you in your sleep. Deities and nature spirits are happy to help you "reprogram" your mind, habits, and personality in this liminal state of being!

We were given many wonderful gifts by the spirits.
These included particular combination of:

What you Receive

Image by Francesco Ungaro

Weekly Lessons​​

Every Friday you receive a new lesson. All our lessons are delivered through email, so you never have to remember any login info or deal with clunky e-learning software ever again!

Each lesson is approximately 10 pages long.

Each lesson includes practical exercises, in-depth theory, and powerful techniques.

You will need about 3-5 hours each week to study the lesson and perform any exercises.

Each lesson includes two MP3s: an Audio Introduction to introduce the lesson, and an Audiobook Version of the Lesson. These recordings make the learning process as accessible as possible

We have years worth of lessons to share, with no end in sight. So you can look forward to many years of positive transformation! Whether you choose to study with us for only a year or more long term, we are certain you will see wonderful transformations in yourself and your consciousness!

Weekly Workshops

Each Saturday we gather for 2 hours (on Zoom) at 12pm (Noon) Eastern Time.

Attendance is open to all active students. You can attend live, or receive a recording of the session. Attendance is NOT mandatory.

Workshops are divided into an opening lecture followed by a meditation. ​The last half is a Q&A in which we answer questions from our students (you can submit your questions ahead of time).

The theme of each workshop varies, but all sessions provide supplemental learning that can contribute to your experience of the program and your spiritual growth.

Weekly On-Demand Email Coaching

For as long as you are an active student, you have access to your instructor through Weekly On-Demand Email Coaching. Each week you can contact your instructor one time and are guaranteed a reply within 48-hours (except for holidays, time off, and sick days). We provide detailed responses that address your questions and provide helpful advice. It is not mandatory that you write to us each week, but you are welcome to! We are here to support you.

Student Forum Access

All current students (and program alumni) receive access to our Student Forum. The forum contains a community of dedicated spiritual seekers and practitioners who share the goal of improving their connection with the spiritual realms. You will find it to be a supportive and informative environment. Eric and Laova are both active on the forum answering questions and sharing their insights. 

Program Outline

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Ready to find out more about the path you will be walking? Learn more with our Program Outline, which provides an overview of what you will learn (and put into practice) over the first year of the program.

While the path of spiritual discovery is a long one, we have no doubt that you will experience wonderful transformations over the first year (if you keep to your studies and perform the exercises regularly).

Start your journey today

Our program is priced at $50 USD per month.

Each month you gain access to weekly lessons, Saturday workshops, on-demand email coaching, and our student forum!

We wholeheartedly believe in the transformative power of our courses, but we understand that every spiritual journey is unique. That's why we offer a first-month money-back guarantee, ensuring that you have the freedom to explore our program without any risk. If, within the first month, you feel that these studies aren't the right fit for you, simply cancel your subscription before the second billing, and we will gladly refund your entire investment.

Subscribe to

Spirit-Guided Enlightenment

($50 USD/month)

Note: Please allow up to 24 hours to receive your welcome package. It contains links to upcoming workshops and other key info to get started. You will begin receiving weekly curriculum emails each Friday.

For individuals with limited financial means, we offer our program at a reduced rate of $30 per month. Please write to us at:

Note: Funds go to the cost of operating the center and our full-time effort to create curriculum material, provide instruction and email coaching, host workshops, and engage in further course development through daily channeling sessions and in-depth research. This program is our entire life!

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Info Sessions

Book Your Free Session

Join us over Zoom and discover if we're the right fit for your path! This free session is a great way to get to know each other, find out about our program, and learn how we can support your spiritual growth. Sessions are 30 minutes each. Can't wait to meet you!



Do these techniques really work”?

You betcha! The techniques we teach are derived from our channeling sessions, which have gotten us in contact with spirit guides, ancestors, nature spirits and more!

With this type of material, the “proof is in the pudding”. These techniques work, both for us and the students we have taught. These techniques have allowed us to raise our consciousness and arrive at a completely new life and way of being. Centered around connecting with the transformative guidance of spirit guides, these techniques allow the practitioner to embrace a great deal of positive personal change!

So are you guys “enlightened”?

Oh dear, what a question! We have come to see "enlightenment" as a process, and not an "end goal". There is always room for more light! For example, you are "enlightened" by every new idea or realization. There is no "final destination" that is "enlightenment". You can always have a deeper and more expansive experience of the divine, of deities, and of your true nature. This is an infinite universe, and there is no end to the experiences you can have or the awareness you can attain!

Over the last five years of intensively working with the spirits, we have achieved inner transformations in ourselves that we feel could have taken multiple decades with mainstream methods of personal development. Indeed, we are utterly transformed from who we were, and nearly unrecognizable to ourselves, but in a good way!

But there is always further to go. And the spirits tell us it is always like this. It is a long and never-ending road to walk down. A road into eternity! But even so, every day becomes grander and more wonderful than the day before!

Who are you guys?

We are Eric and Laova, a couple living in the wilderness of Canadian cottage country. We’re nothing special, but we have a firm dedication to working with the spirits and evolving as much as we can in this life. We are spiritual seekers, shamanic practitioners, and spirit channelers.

Before we met, we had each found “material success" in our lives, but we both struggled to find deeper meaning. We each walked away from those lifestyles to seek spiritual truth. When we first met each other, the spirits seemed to take quite an interest in us, and utilizing Laova’s channeling abilities, they quickly made themselves known to us. It has been quite the ride since then!

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