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House Cleansing - For Haunted Spaces

  • 1 hour
  • 97 U.S. dollars
  • Online Zoom Meeting

Service Description

Are you experiencing (or suspect) paranormal activity in your home? Do you not know where to start? Or maybe you have tried to remedy the situation, but you can still feel a presence? We can help! We can assist you in cleansing your home, providing you with protective tools and an understanding of the spiritual ecosystem around you. Together we can help a spirit "move out" safely and ethically. We start by having a discussion about your home. You will receive personalized insight from our paranormal expert (Eric). You will also receive a PDF toolkit with detailed steps on keeping safe and cleansing yourself and your home. If you are within the province of Ontario, we may be able to travel to your location to perform a cleansing for an additional fee (to cover gas). What makes us different? Our focus is not on "kicking out the ghost". We care about the well-being of all parties, whether they be living, deceased, or "other" (nature spirits for example) . Our shamanic understanding of the Spirit World has led us to have a large amount of compassion to beings who may be "haunting" a space. We practice and provide instructions for an effective yet compassionate spiritual cleansing process that considers your needs AND helps free the spirits attached to the space. Is your home haunted? Usual signs of a haunted home include feeling watched, inexplicable movements or sounds, strange smells, lost objects, sudden shifts in temperature, personality changes, physical and emotional disorientation and agitation, and ghostly apparitions. Our compassionate cleansing process is perfect for you if you want to find peace but you also want the beings on the other side of the veil to find peace too. If you have empathy for the spirits and want to find a kindhearted and humane way to resolve the situation, then contact us!

Contact Details

Kingston, Ontario, Canada

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