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Things don’t always turn out as you plan. Laova had embarked on a successful career as a visual artist. Meanwhile, Eric had a promising future in the white-collar world of public policy and government lobbying.

And yet, the call of the spirits can be strong. It can be said that the duo didn’t go looking for the spirits, the spirits came looking for them.

Long before they met each other, Eric and Laova felt the call of the spirits with an urgency they never knew before. They left their pasts  (seemingly irrationally to all who knew them) in order to find something “else” that they somehow knew was out there.

They sensed that there was a deeper meaning to life, that there was more to reality. Their dreams, synchronicities, and spiritual encounters told them so. They just had to find it.

When Laova and Eric finally met, the presence of the spirits made itself known vividly in their lives. The powerful spiritual and paranormal experiences which befell the two propelled them into a period of intense learning and practice.

They emerged from this period forever changed, happy and content with life, and secure in the knowledge that there is a greater purpose to existence.

Eric and Laova never thought they would end up running a spiritual school. But the spirits had plans of their own. The two heard the spirits call, and rose to the challenge. While every call is different, they hope that you will one day hear your own call as well.

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Eric has broad theoretical and practical experience with various spiritual systems. With a background in Esotericism, Hermetic Qabalah, Eastern and Western Mysticism, Wicca, Druidry, Paganism, Shamanism, Channeling, and Automatic Writing. He is able to offer a holistic view of spirituality. Uniting the shared elements of these systems, he is able to suggest unique methods that the student can use to forge their own connection with spirit. Eric holds a Masters in International Public Policy (MIPP).

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Laova is a gifted channel, intuitive, meditation teacher, and spiritual practitioner who brings her first-hand experience and insight to the center. She has a deeply creative background and is a gifted metaphysical artist whose work has been featured on television and in galleries in her native Quebec. Her channeled material and messages received from trance journeying contribute vastly to our understanding of the spiritual realms. Laova provides spiritual healing services, teaching, and guidance to her students (with the aid of the spirits).

Laova's personal story


“Eric and Laova are a fascinating, friendly, and incredibly knowledgeable team of teachers to work with..."

Lilla D.

“Eric and Laova have opened up a new and exciting world for me."

Karen H.

“Honestly, my spiritual life has been so beautifully enriched by the presence of Eric and Laova. I'm eternally grateful for having connected with them and for having access to their spiritual support... "

Emma H.




Paranormal Repression | The Gaslighting of Paranormal Experiencers

It is always nice to know "who" is teaching you, especially when you are on the spiritual path. Knowing the background of your teacher can help you feel if they are the right match for you. So, here I am, happy to share my story with you :-)

My childhood was spent in a haunted house. From an early age I was experiencing intriguing paranormal phenomena. My parents were Roman Catholics who, like most staunch religious types, were unprepared and unwilling to face those areas of life where the strange emerges and the dogmatic answers of faith break down. The paranormal activity which was going on in the household was misunderstood and labeled as evil (or at the very least "unwanted").


Instead of being educated on how to address the phenomena directly, I was taught to pray to the divine and hope that the haunting goes away. Of course, the intention behind prayer does indeed work in such a situation. It made the spirit encounters disappear, but the process itself and the fear of the paranormal that it instilled in me repressed a part of my spiritual life and left me with many unanswered questions.

Why were there spirits in my house? Who were these beings? Why were they trying to connect with us? Were they trying to harm our family, or did they have other objectives? Unfortunately, instead of asking these questions and facing reality head-on, my initial encounters with the paranormal led me to repress these experiences and run from them.

My family, like many others, was trapped in their fear of the Spirit World. Even if most members were "open" to the existence of the spirits, they were scared and ultimately unequipped to positively interact with the ghostly apparitions. My family also feared being judged for exploring beyond the limits of Catholicism.

Little did I know at the time that this fear of persecution was an ancestral wound deep within our collective souls that was blocking not only my potential as a healer, but also the potential of my entire family line.

One sibling possessed the gift of seeing hints of the future, both in dreams and in manifesting her life through her paintings. But she never truly harnessed these powers. The fear of being judged and not understood by her family was too strong.


Another family member was equally repressed. She was able to feel, see and hear the ghosts in her old house, but she was scared, and by the time she was a teenager, she had closed the "doors" of her paranormal perception.


Ultimately, I was left doubting my paranormal experiences while also being afraid of them. I was also uncertain of the place of the divine in my life. My experiences and observations conflicted with the atheism, skepticism, and dogmatic "scientific materialism" of our modern Western culture.


I would end up sharing my paranormal experiences in the form of spooky stories around the fire with my friends. But I would never say that I firmly believed in ghosts, always expressing these events with a "socially acceptable" amount of dogmatic doubt and skepticism. Because just like others in my family, I didn't want to be judged by my peers.

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Abuse, Soul Loss, and Healing

*Trigger Warning*


My past was not the easiest. I am a survivor of sexual molestation and physical assault at my daycare, which occurred when I was only three years old. Unfortunately, the patterns of abuse continued. When I was a young teenager, I was the victim of sexual exploitation on the internet by men who manipulated me into sharing images.

I didn't know it at the time, but these events caused me to have what is called within Shamanic traditions "soul loss" and "power loss".

Soul loss occurs when you live a trauma so intense that a part of your consciousness/soul cannot cope with reality anymore. This wounded part then vanishes from the self and hides within the Spirit World. When this happens, you feel like something is missing. That was the case in my life. I felt a giant black hole inside of my chest.


Even at a young age, I consistently missed classes and would stay upstairs in my bedroom, escaping by drawing or playing video games. Thankfully my big sister was there for support. She was the sunshine of my days!


Of course, having lived through a tremendous amount of trauma during my childhood, I was fragile and susceptible to experience even more soul loss and power loss in my early adulthood. But unfortunately, I didn't have the spiritual tools to heal myself and maintain my spiritual power.

The power loss and soul loss I was experiencing led me to suffer from depression, develop a food addiction and endure an emotional eating disorder for twelve consecutive years. Additionally, I became addicted to social media and video games. When I was 17 years old, I also fell into a psychologically abusive relationship that lasted for four years. When I finally left the toxic situation, I felt like I was in "one thousand" pieces. All these factors led to a continuing and ever-strengthening amount of soul loss in my life.

Finally, at the age of 21, I was determined to bring back all the pieces of my life and put them back together again. I just didn't know how to do it. So I decided to teach myself and started meditating and reading books on spirituality, philosophy and psychology. The more I practiced, the more I seemed to awaken, and the more paranormal experiences I began to have again. These synchronicities, spiritual sensations, and strange moments led me deeper into seeking ways to work with the Spirit World.

Photo 2015 by Hoby Ratsimbazafy

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Answering the Call of the Spirits

After four years of devoted meditation practice, I connected with a beautiful shamanic elder in Ottawa. A series of synchronicities led to my first meeting with Barb, a Native medicine woman who generously accepted to initiate me on the shamanic path due to my Native ancestry. The first time Barb met with me, she closed her eyes and asked her spirits about my fate. In less than fifteen minutes, Barb predicted the entirety of my following year. She told me that I would have a difficult autumn and that I would be working with children (something which I had never done). These were all things that came to pass. But in addition, Barb told me that I had waited too long to answer the spirits' call. I was overdue and needed to work with my guides!


Since that day, I have expanded and cultivated my connection with the Spirit World by practicing trance work, trance journeying, channeling, soul singing, ecstatic dance, visionary art, and various types of meditation.

Practicing shamanism and receiving the wisdom of my spirit guides helped me overcome years of sadness, fear, self-sabotage, procrastination, avoidance, low motivation, tiredness, and feelings of not being lovable, worthy, intelligent, beautiful, safe in this world, and more.


Now, I don't feel the void inside my chest anymore. Instead, I feel free from my past. I am finally able to compassionately set healthy boundaries with the people and spirits around me.


With the help of the spirits, I found inner peace, focus, meaning, and beauty in my life. All I want now is to share the wisdom of the spirits with others. Because they healed me and transformed me so profoundly, I know the power of this practice. From a place of infinite gratitude, I have passionately devoted my entire life to co-create healing techniques with the spirits. With love and care, I happily help the students that come across my path.

behind the scenes

Image by Deva Darshan

Nature, Spirituality and Our Lifestyle

Here are some pictures and videos from our life in cottage country! We are happy to share the fun of our wildlife encounters and many side projects, such as gardening and building a stone circle! 

Nature is so bountiful, and it is a blessing for us to be able to go for a walk every morning and witness the wonders of Mother Earth. The spirits of the land taught us to make sure we walk in Nature and "with Nature". Being mindful outside provides a deep sense of connection with the Earth. As a result, we feel invigorated and grounded when we return home!

Image by Deva Darshan

Our Lovely Pet Family 

When we are not teaching, researching, or wandering the great outdoors, we take care of our pet family!


Once upon a time, Eric adopted a cute Hognose snake and fell in love with this little creature. Since then, he started a small snake rescue in 2021 and has successfully helped four snakes so far! 

In honor of the goddess Ostara, Laova is the keeper of four beautiful bunnies. Two of them, a brother and sister, used to live outside in a small cage on a farm. Laova adopted them, and they are now living in her studio with a big playground to jump around in! Another bunny was being sold as a "meat rabbit" on Kijiji, but Laova adopted him and spared his life from that particular destiny. Her fourth rabbit isn't a rescue, but it is still super spoiled!