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Shamanic Pathworker

Complete Program Outline


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Shamanic Pathworker
Course Outline

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Introduction to Shamanism, Trance Work and Mapping The Spirit World

Module One
12 Weeks



  • No prerequisites

Healing & Transformation with the Elements

Module Two

12 Weeks


  • Module One: Introduction to Shamanism

Greater Spiritual Healing of Your Heart and Mind

Module Three

12 Weeks


  • Module One: Introduction to Shamanism

In this introductory module on shamanism, we will guide you into achieving a profound trance state, enabling you to journey within the Spirit World. You will forge a connection with your guardian spirit and grasp the essentials of spirit communication, including understanding symbolic language and providing for your spiritual protection. We will introduce you to various spirit beings that can bring richness to your existence. Additionally, you'll participate in a sacred ceremony marking the beginning of your path as a shamanic practitioner!

This section invites you on a transformative journey of healing, spiritual death, and rebirth, guided by the wisdom of the five elements: water, fire, earth, air, and ether. Through their ancient energies, you'll explore deep healing practices, learn to let go of what no longer serves you, and emerge reborn with a new sense of purpose and connection to the world around you.

This module invites you to tap into the infinite power within you, to connect deeply with your inner healer and the divine energies that surround us all. As you immerse yourself in these teachings, you'll uncover the keys to emotional mastery, allowing you to honor and nurture your soul's essence. You will also embrace the wisdom of your intuition, for it is the compass guiding you back to your authentic self. Through understanding and alignment with your inner truth, you reclaim sovereignty over your thoughts, emotions, and life path.

Advanced Spiritual Protection and Cleansing 

Module Four

12 Weeks


  • Module One: Introduction to Shamanism

Power Retrieval & Advanced Spirit Work

Module Five

12 Weeks


  • Module One: Introduction to Shamanism

Soul Retrieval

Module Six

12 Weeks


  • Module One: Introduction to Shamanism

  • Module Five: Power Retrieval

Ancestral Healing

Module Seven

12 Weeks


  • Module Three: Greater Spiritual Healing of Your Heart and Mind

  • Module Four: Advance Cleansing and Spiritual Protection

  • Module Five: Power Retrieval

  • Module Six: Soul Retrieval

Psychopomp Work

Module Eight

12 Weeks


  • Module Three: Greater Spiritual Healing of Your Heart and Mind

  • Module Four: Advance Cleansing and Spiritual Protection

  • Module Five: Power Retrieval

  • Module Six: Soul Retrieval

  • Module Seven: Ancestral Healing

Course Completion

Bonus Ceremony
Online Session

You will delve into the impact of external influences on your energy, mood, productivity, and decision-making. Discover how to recognize these forces in your life and learn practical techniques to protect yourself and heal from their effects. This course is heavily oriented toward spiritual protection and boundaries, offering insights and strategies to reclaim control over your energy and well-being, empowering yourself to navigate life's challenges with resilience and confidence. You will learn about entanglements, cord-cutting, psychic vampires, spirit attachment and possession, and a life-long cleansing technique.

In this course, we will explore spiritual wounds that lead to "power loss" and delve into their causes and effects on our lives. You will be guided through the healing process, preparing you for a life filled with vitality and purpose. Through practices like "power retrieval," you will learn to create a lifestyle conducive to retaining and strengthening your spiritual power. Equipped with comprehensive tools, you'll emerge from this module energized, empowered, and imbued with a deeper sense of happiness and purpose. Throughout the journey, you'll uncover the nuances of power loss, its symptoms, recovery methods, and ways to integrate and amplify your power. Guided by spirit mentors, you'll embark on twelve core power retrieval lessons, each addressing various aspects such as connecting with nature, nurturing your body, setting boundaries, embracing creativity, and finding meaning in life's journey. 

We delve into the profound skill of soul retrieval, which involves reclaiming aspects of the self that were lost due to traumatic experiences or disconnection from one's true essence. You will gain the ability to heal any soul loss within yourself, embarking on a journey of profound healing that will guide you towards the complete recovery of all fragments of your soul. This path of healing is immensely fulfilling and transformative, leading you towards a state of wholeness and empowerment.

Ancestral Healing is a sacred undertaking which holds immense potential for deep transformation and healing not only for ourselves but also for the threads of our ancestral lineage stretching across time. Ancestral healing encompasses a range of practices aimed at reconciling the past to shape a more empowered present and future. You will learn to recognize the interconnectedness of all life and time, and to heal that which has been lost. Ancestral healing acknowledges that our wellbeing is intertwined with the spiritual and psychic health of our ancestors. Through these practices, we seek to heal ourselves, our lineage, and contribute to the broader healing of the collective human psyche.

In this last segment of the Shamanic Pathworker Program, you will immerse yourself in the ancient and sacred practice of Psychopomp work. Throughout this transformative journey, you will learn the essential knowledge, skills, and techniques required to serve as a compassionate and effective bridge between the realms of the living and the dead. Through shamanic journeying, trance work, and mediumship, you will develop practical tools for connecting with spirits and navigating the Spirit World with confidence and clarity. Additionally, you will explore ethical considerations and boundaries, ensuring that your practice is grounded in integrity and respect. Whether you're a seasoned practitioner or a newcomer to this profound spiritual path, we offer a comprehensive and transformative learning experience, guiding you on the sacred journey of honoring the interconnectedness of life and death with reverence and compassion.

You will experience a special ceremony to celebrate the completion of your shamanic pathworker studies, after which you may continue for one more year to acquire the skills of a shamanic practitioner. You will also receive an official certificate document by mail.

Skills you will develop

Awaken to the Wisdom of The Spirit World: Embark on a soulful journey to awaken your consciousness to the vibrant, unseen world around you. This profound understanding illuminates the interconnectedness of all life, guiding you to a deeper respect for the myriad spirits that share our universe.

Harness Trance States for Divine Wisdom and Healing: Cultivate the sacred skill of entering trance states with intention and reverence. This practice opens the gates to transcendent experiences, offering you a pathway to receive wisdom, healing, and guidance directly from the spirit realm.

Form Sacred Bonds with Your Guiding Spirits: Foster intimate, heart-centered relationships with your guiding spirits, allowing their wisdom to flow into your life. These divine connections become beacons of light, guiding your spiritual path and nurturing your growth and evolution.

Decode the Mystical Language of the Spirits: Embrace the mystical language of symbols, a sacred vocabulary gifted by the spirit world. This deep understanding enables you to interpret messages and signs from your guides, enriching your spiritual journey with layers of meaning and guidance.

Purify Your Essence and Space: Delve into deep cleansing rituals to purify your aura and environments, using nature’s elements to wash away stagnant energies. This sacred practice restores your spiritual clarity and harmony, preparing you for a deeper connection with the divine.

Discern Between the Creations of Your Imagination and Genuine Encounters Within the Spirit World: Through guided exercises and reflective practices, you'll learn to navigate the subtle distinctions between mental constructs and authentic spiritual communications.

Undertake Powerful Solo Journeys into the Spiritual Realms: Embark on solitary journeys into the Spirit World, an act of brave exploration and self-discovery. These voyages invite transformative encounters and insights, deepening your communion with the spiritual forces that guide and protect you.

Connect with the Guardians of Nature for Harmony and Wisdom: Learn to recognize and engage with the spirits of nature—animal, plant, rock, and the Genius Loci. These ancient guardians offer their unique wisdom and support, teaching you to live in harmony with the Earth and all its inhabitants.

Create Enchanted Spaces and Objects for Spiritual Empowerment: Create altars, shrines, and power objects as tangible connections to the Spirit World. These sacred tools and spaces serve as focal points for your spiritual practices, enhancing your ability to connect with the divine and manifest your intentions.

Embrace Ancestral Wisdom for Healing and Strength: Forge a heartfelt link to your ancestors, inviting their timeless wisdom and love into your life. This sacred connection offers healing, guidance, and strength, rooting you in the rich soil of your lineage and empowering your spiritual journey.

Fortify Your Spiritual Shield: Learn the art of spiritual protection to safeguard your journeys against negative influences. Through ancient symbols and protective rituals, build a resilient aura that empowers your path, ensuring it remains illuminated by positivity and peace.

Through this 12-week module, you will acquire the following skills:

Materials Needed

Below is a list of materials you'll need to fully engage in this module:

  • Access to a computer with an internet connection and "Zoom" software.

  • A quiet, undisturbed space for your guided or solo shamanic journeys.

  • Earbuds or headphones to enhance your trance while listening to drum tracks we will provide, or a real drum if you want to drum as you journey (but this is optional).

  • A yoga mat or comfortable spot to lie down while using your earbuds or headphones.

  • A blanket and pillow for extra comfort.

  • A blindfold or something to cover your eyes during your journeys.

  • A journal to record your shamanic experiences and spiritual growth.

Initiation Ceremony


Every time you complete one of our 12-week module, we will honor your achievement with a private sacred ceremony (online), marking your progress in your spiritual development. In today's world, traditional rites of passage are scarce, but within our community, we treasure the celebration of significant milestones on your spiritual journey. These ceremonies are aligned with the theme of the module you have completed. They're a way to honor how far you've come and look forward to what's next in a heartfelt way.

Start your journey today

All our modules are priced at $85 USD per month.

For each module, and with only three recurring payments, you will access all 12 lessons, 3 monthly Zoom sessions, and weekly on-demand email coaching.

We wholeheartedly believe in the transformative power of our courses, but we understand that every spiritual journey is unique. That's why we offer a first-month money-back guarantee on your first module, ensuring that you have the freedom to explore our program without any risk. If, within the first month, you feel that these studies aren't the right fit for you, simply cancel your subscription before the second billing, and we will gladly refund your entire investment.

Our utmost priority is to ensure that you find a program that resonates with your spiritual path. The last thing we want is for you to feel locked into a program that doesn't align with your needs. Your satisfaction and growth are our primary focus, and we're committed to supporting you in finding the right path for your journey.

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