Shamanic tools
for energy healers

( ST101 )


About this course

With our training you will expand Your personal growth as a spiritual healer.  (Elaborate)

Receive 24 teaching Sessions (2 per week), Each Session Incorporates Videos, Exercises, and shamanic Practice.


Explore over 72 shamanic exercises to help your current practice. All online at your own rythm. Meet with us once a month for your mentoring session!


Empowering your healing practice :


Enhance intuition, better healing flow. 


Enhance connection with spirits + guidance.


 Organizing your space + Better experience for you and your client during session

and more (Eric write the text)


Who should take
this training?

(Eric write text)


Energy healer


Reiki healer



Someone who works in the wellness field— yoga teacher, accuponcture, chiropractitien, hypnotherapist, ecotherapist, art therapist etc.

Current shamanic path student who wants to know how to prepare for their first clients.

Witches and other holistic healers

Tarot Readers

Psychic & Mediums


Complete Shamanic Tools for Energy Healer and receive a certification. With this certification, get a discount on the shamanic path essentials course. (Eric figure out a discount)

To alleviate your experience, you can do the homework at your own rhythm. We do not require that you complete your homework to access the next week curriculum. However, we do require that you at least perform all of the exercice one time in order to receive your certification. Because this course is intensive, You have an extra 12 weeks after your training to complete the material and to become certified.

Current Students and certified students from Shamanic Path Essentials may apply their 35% discount when enrolling on this course.

The difference between this course and shamanic essentials path is... (eric)

There is no risk in taking our courses. The last thing we want is for you to be paying for something you don't want! We offer a full money-back guarantee during the first month of a course, and even after the first 30 days you can cancel at any time. You are never on the hook for the whole 6 months!

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tHIS 12 weeks intensive course INCLUDES...


Discover 24 trance postures. Trance posture is an ancient art that is handing you the keys to open a portal that already exists within you. No intermediaries are needed for this. Open your heart to a direct access that is a sacred trust between you and the Universe. Connect with your guides, raise awareness and bring peace, focus and power to your practice. 


Explore 24 sacred rituals. Create healing space within and around you. Embrace the sacred and harness the energy around you to enhance your healing experience and client experience.


Experience 24 powerful guided shamanic journeys. The Shamanic Journey is a way of opening your heart, enjoy symbiosis with the unseen world. Connect with benevolent spirits with great wisdom, power and who are willing to help with guiding the living.


This practice will help you find answers, information, healing, wisdom and knowledge as well as guidance or help with one’s personal life.


During the Journey you will meet with being such as ancestors, elders, gods, goddesses, deceased shamans, spirit guides, power animals and angels.


Expand your knowledge with 24 video lectures. 

Learn more about the benefits of a shamanic practice and how it can charge your present spiritual practice.


Receive personalized guidance and support with our 1-on-1 live online mentoring session with Eric or Laova (you choose! You will have three sessions. One per month.


Uncover other creative and powerful practices to add to your spiritual toolbox! Techniques such as rattling, drumming, Power object creation, soul singing, ecstatic dancing, prayers, altar work and more!

How does it Work?

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Receive fascinating and inspiring course content full of advice, techniques, theory, & helpful guidance.


The course material takes the form of weekly instructional videos and written curriculum.

You can access all curriculum material online via your subscription.


For your homework, you will often have to perform guided shamanic journeys, trance postures and sacred ceremonies. These assignments will be related to the weekly theoretical material.

Other form of homework that you will sometime have to do include: self-inquiry, journaling, answering questionnaire and experiencing other shamanic techniques.


In these 45-minute one-on-one monthly sessions we discuss your experiences, address your training, and explore next steps.

Our online sessions are very malleable and adaptive to your needs as a student. Most of the time, we review how you're doing with the course curriculum and see if there are any blockages on the path.


With the guidance of the spirits, We will find strategies to overcome your fears, resistance, stress, procrastination. With your guides, you will discover ways to tap into your own power, your intuition and creativity to find solutions.

You may also use your session to receive a deep cleansing and empowerment to restore balance and feel the flow in your life again.


 Finally, If you fall behind, you can use your online session to move through weekly material with your teacher. Even receive a live guided journey.


We provide weekly guided shamanic journeys which help you move through the course material in a stress-free way, making it easier than ever to enter into trance and have shamanic experiences!

Our pre-recorded journeys can be enjoyed at any time. They are a helpful when you feel too tired to enter trance on your own.


You will need...

  • A reliable computer and internet access. 

  • A microphone.

  • A comfortable chair. 

  • A calm meditation space. 

  • Zoom Meeting Software


No other material is required for this course. 


However, we highly recommend earbuds, a blindfold, a yoga mat, and a little pillow to make the meditation and shamanic journey process more pronounced for you. But those are non-essential.


Our courses are designed with busy people in mind! The material is delivered in small, easy, and practical steps. 

The course demands between one and two hours of your time per week. You will have about 30-minute of reading material and 90-minute of shamanic practice.

To alleviate your experience, you can do the homework at your own rhythm. We do not require that you complete your homework to access the next week curriculum. However, we do require that you at least perform all of the exercice one time in order to receive your certification. Because this course is intensive, You have an extra 12 weeks after your training to complete the material and to become certified.


You can write us about anything while taking our courses. We care about how you are doing on your path.

Students are entitled to one in-depth reply per week.

You can reach out when you need assistance right away and can't wait for your next monthly meeting. We don't want you to wait!

Course Benefits


When you commit to your spiritual practice, we commit to 
enriching your life and expanding your training opportunities.

Enjoy a 35% discount on all our workshops,  spa day experiences, and  shamanic services!


Join our Student Forum where our students discuss shamanism, the Spirit World, and many other topics!


Our forum is a safe place where you can ask your questions and connect with other students.


Gain priority status when asking questions for podcast Q&As.


There is no limit to what topics we might discuss, but typical subjects include shamanism, spirit ecology, the paranormal, ancestral healing, manifestation, and the afterlife.


Every morning we perform a sacred ritual to empower and bless our students!


Your name will be added to our list, and you will receive these beautiful energies to start your day on the right foot! 🤍


SP101 COURSE CurriCulum


Duration: 4 weeks




  • Discover what is "shamanism" and shamanic journeying.

  • Learn about the spiritual ecosystem that surrounds you.

  • Uncover what are non-ordinary states of consciousness and how to enter trance to connect with the Spirit World.

  • Explore how to make your mind collaborate before a meditation session or any trance work.

  • Learn about spiritual hygiene and how to protect yourself in the Spirit World and in your everyday life.

  • Learn about the influence of the ancestors during a healing session

  • Meet guardian spirit

  • Deep cleansing of the self

  • Protect and cleanse work space

  • Cleanse client

  • Spirits empowerments - how to overcome blockages

  • Overcome burnout and feel energized, cultivate energy


Duration: 4 weeks



  • Opening session (Build a place of power within you and around you)

  • Closing session (Closing energy gates, thanking spirits, grounding yourself, cleanse

  • Meeting & connect with a Spirit to help you directly in your spiritual modality

  • Calling upon client guides for guidance during healing

  • Offerings to your guides and clients guides to enhance participation

  • Improving holling out, energy flow through you, healing field

  • Establishing compassion, empathy and trust with clients


Duration: 4 weeks




  •  Power Items creation

  •  Cleansing and charging power items

  • Effect of music / drumming

  •  Developing intuition

  • How to shamanic journey

  • Solo journey - Journeying to obtain spirit guidance for clients before session

  • Solo journey - Meeting your spirit helper and GS all by yourself

  • Obtaining guidance on better understanding your modality 

  • Obtaining guidance for how to develop yourself and your skills in your practice (set of questions and journey ideas to explore)

  • Wrapping up, delve deeper with shamanic path essentials work on specific blockages as a creative or healer.


Questions? Write us at


A Word From Laova

I strive to be a source of help and compassion. I will always listen, and I will always take into account your own unique path and gifts.


Life can be chaotic and full of personal "blockages". Know that I am here for you. Together we can address procrastination, inner resistance, fears, and the feeling of being overwhelmed. Know that we will proceed in a gentle and caring way, and I will help you find the path to overcome these things.

This is a judgement free zone; I will never judge you. I accept you as you are right now on your path. We will always proceed at your own particular rhythm. I will never rush you. No self-sabotage or inner blockages can stop us. Together, and with the help of our spirit guides, we can find solutions.

May the wise spirits and loving ancestors guide your way.

- Laova

continuing studies


In Shamanic Path Essentials you will learn all that you need to enter into a non-ordinary state of consciousness, navigate the Spirit World, communicate with your guides, and find the support you need. If you wish to delve deeper and learn the practices of shamanic healing, I invite you to continue to Shamanic Healing I, Shamanic Healing II, and Ancestral Healing!

In our Continuing Studies courses, you will learn about the techniques of soul healing. Soul healing encapsulates various sacred ceremonies that will help you to let go and make space within you so you can receive new vibrant energies into your life. We will explore subjects such as the place of emotions from a shamanic perspective as well as spiritual death and rebirth. You will learn spiritual healing techniques including working with the four elements and learning how to find healing temples in the Spirit World. We will also dive deep into spiritual healing techniques such as extraction, disentanglement, and depossession.

Further into the Continuing Studies, you will learn about advanced soul healing techniques. Soul healing is an extraordinary form of shamanic healing that requires commitment and courage to face one's darkness. Within this advanced curriculum, you will learn about power loss and soul loss. Next, you will learn how to perform power retrieval and soul retrieval. By practicing these techniques, you will recover, integrate, and cultivate your powers and lost soul parts. You will be working closely with your guides and experiencing profound and meaningful healing moments which will enable you to overcome blockages, fears, fatigue, stress, anxiety, insomnia, addiction, etc. You will even acquire skills to build spiritual power from within to empower yourself and others.

And even further into your studies, you will be initiated into ancestral healing. You will open yourself to the flow of wisdom and healing energy between you and your ancestors. You will come to understand why unhealed ancestors create harm even when they are genuinely trying to help. You will learn about the place of death in our lives and how to cultivate a healthy relationship with it. You will explore the foundations of psychopomp work, trance postures, and how to create an ancestral shrine. You will retrieve the blessings and protection of your family legacy through the power of ancestral healing! 

Finally, you will learn advanced ancestral healing and psychopomp techniques. You will be initiated as a psychopomp practitioner with a sacred ceremony, allowing you to perform in-journey psychopomp work. You will navigate unique places in the Spirit World to perform healing for the souls of the dead, helping to pass their souls to the afterlife. From these experience, you will have insights that will help you realize the role and impact of family, community, and nature within your life. And you will become accomplished at recognizing ancestral patterns which affect your life for better and worse.


Questions? Write us at