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By Alexandra Blair


Alexandra Blair

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Alexandra Blair is an astrologer, artist, and dark moon sorceress living in the American south. Astrologically, she blends traditional Hellenistic methods with contemporary interpretive techniques. In her practice, she draws from a lifetime of creativity to design rituals, artefacts, and spellcraft to bring honor to the Aesir. She is a lifelong student with special interests in art, esoterica, and ruthless self-development.

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The theme of this month is two-fold. 


One: BOOM, Aries energy. This is a month of acceleration and aggressive drive–even as that acceleration is tempered by a Mercury retrograde which will ask us to reexamine, rethink, and reflect on our actions and communications.  


Aries is a Cardinal Fire sign that is all about brilliant beginnings and openings. This initiatory sign brings us a burst of energy but not always a whole lot of staying power. Aries is ruled by Mars (it is one of two “malefic” planets along with Saturn), so this can be overwhelming and feel quite aggressive to some–particularly Fixed signs and strong Water and Earth placements which may feel fundamentally incompatible with the explosive passion of Fire signs. If you’re one of those people, this month is about staying safe and weathering the storm. Look to your natal chart to see which area of your life Aries governs as that is where you’ll feel the most tension pushing and pulling. Waiting until Mercury stations direct on June 3 to take any big actions might help. If you’re familiar or sympathetic with the Aries (Cardinal, Fire) energies, this could be a great time to leverage this burst of drive–particularly in whichever area of your life Aries governs. Reference your birth chart to see where you’ll have extra Aries fire this month. 


Two: A series of transformative eclipses happening in Taurus and Scorpio. Eclipse cycles repeat every 6 months at similar degrees and appear in the same two signs for 18 months. This dance plays out in reverse every 9 years and 18.6 years ago this eclipse cycle occurred exactly as it is this month. 


Eclipse cycles are particularly interesting as they occur between sister houses and signs. Taurus and Scorpio sit directly opposite one another on the zodiacal wheel and therefore occupy houses that oppose one another, too. Eclipse cycles are typically seen as struggles for balance between the two polarities. 

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The Zodiacal Natal Chart (for Aries Rising)

For a native with Aries rising (pictured above) the eclipse cycle in Taurus and Scorpio would play out between the Second House and the Eighth House. Looking to where these signs fall in your chart can give you a series of keywords that can help form a narrative that will make sense to you. To use our example here, an Aries rising native would be feeling “a struggle for balance/imbalance” (from the Eclipses) between their Second House of Possessions (value, earnings, and money) and their Eighth House of the Underworld (sex, death, and taboo). The way this struggle for balance or burgeoning imbalance may play out is deeply personal to each native and eclipses are incredibly powerful lunations that affect all signs and placements. Those with the eclipse signs in their first house–Taurus and Scorpio risings in this case–are likely to feel deeply impactful and paradigm shifting changes that relate directly to their identity and their close, long-term relationships. 


May 2 - Venus in Aries


Venus has been feeling comfortable, dreamy, and romantic in Pisces, but will transition into Aries at 11:11 CT on May 2. This transit will be jarring for some–especially Water and Earth signs. Where March and April were dominated by Pisces energy, May’s Aries themes are going to feel more like a roller coaster of fast motion and (for some, with Mercury stationing retrograde) a simultaneous questioning and re-thinking. Throughout the month, planets amass in Aries–the fire-starter–and the effect will be action, impulsiveness, and the desire to drive fast culminating in an Aries stellium on May 24. This early-May Venus transit is the first to signal an aesthetic shift in the area of your life ruled by Aries (look to which house Aries governs in your chart) away from illusory, big-picture, day-dreamy Pisces into the more action-oriented and passionate Cardinal Fire sign of Aries. Expect those with prominent fire placements to be louder than usual this month. Natives with prominent Cardinal sign placements (Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn) might be feeling extra motivated to start a project.  


May 10  - Mercury retrograde in Gemini, Jupiter in Aries


Mercury stations retrograde at 6:47 CT on May 10 and will remain retrograde until 0:00 CT on June 1. Mercury’s retrograde is often the most publicized by pop astrology outlets, but this transit is not an outright negative one. Mercury is the ruler of information and shows up in our daily lives in many ways: modes of written and verbal communication, our thinking, our transportation, even some of our technology. When Mercury stations retrograde, we often experience disruptions in these areas of our life and, more often than not, are called to rethink, re-examine, and reflect. Gemini and Virgo risings (both ruled by Mercury) will be most deeply impacted by this specific retrograde. Look to the area of your birth chart governed by Gemini–as this is where Mercury will station retrograde–to see where this transit will impact you the greatest. Consider this time an opportunity to leverage this energy and intentionally revisit or rework a project or relationship in that realm. 


Jupiter will enter Aries later that same day at 18:22 CT. Jupiter has been in Pisces on and off through the past several months and many have outsized expectations for this “lucky” and “romantic” transit. Regardless of whether the past few months have felt as much, for most of us, they’ve been times of internal growth and fortune in considering ourselves internally and a special draw to nocturnal energies and pursuits. When Jupiter transitions into Aries on May 10 this energy will change rather dramatically toward the external. Jupiter (and later, Mars!) in Aries is major risk-taking energy and seems to connote some fortune in being the first to do or start something. Jupiter is considered by many to be a “teacher” planet and, combined with Aries energy, this looks like trial and error wisdom oriented in the Aries aesthetic. Combined with Mercury in retrograde, those with prominent Aquarius, Pisces, Scorpio, Taurus and especially Virgo and Gemini placements may be getting some uneasy whiplash from the “stop and start” energy in the air. Prominent Cardinal Sign placements (Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn) on the other hand, may be feeling cosmic favor for either an exciting new endeavor or the completion of something they’d started in the past and hadn’t yet finished. 


The last few months have been times to dream big. Now the stars are prompting us to give it a try and see what happens–now matter how unrealistic it may seem.  Combined with the retrograde, don’t be surprised if you feel compelled to take the first exciting step and immediately doubt yourself. You may feel direct pressure to take uncharacteristic risks and charge straight ahead. Waiting until Mercury stations direct on June 1 may help with that unease, but Jupiter will be supercharging abundance in action-oriented Aries for just about 5 months, so don’t miss the opportunity to take action.

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May 16 - Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio


This total Lunar Eclipse of this springtime Flower Moon (May’s full moon moniker)  will be rare and powerful for a few reasons. The moon’s proximity to earth will make this both a “super” and a blood moon. The luminary will be at her fullest in Scorpio at precisely at 23:13 CT with visibility of the eclipse and blood moon from roughly 22:30 - 0:00 CT. 


Themes for this lunation include a very palpable sense of sacrifice or loss. Look to where Scorpio governs in your natal chart–an area where you likely try to exert control. Ways to leverage this event and things to look for include: letting go of something you must release, but were deeply attached to; not having something you deeply want; or even expelling poison. Workings dealing with purging and letting go will be especially suited for the waning (lessening) phase the moon enters even moments after the full culmination. This lunation’s square aspect with Saturn also has connotations of restriction and saying “no”. For those wrapped up in the Scorpio/Taurus eclipse cycle, this may look like a purging in one area of your life coupled with a doubling down in another area of your life. 


However, most practitioners suggest that the evening before and after a full moon are all suitable times to practice full moon magic. In general, lunar eclipses carry themes of (sometimes explosive) breakthroughs and breakdowns–especially along the themes mentioned above. These lunations–moreso than even regular full moons–are about endings. 


May 18 - Mars-Neptune Conjunction 


At 1:32 CT on May 18, a Mars-Neptune Conjuction will go exact in Pisces. Mars is our planet of drive and direct action and Neptune is notorious for its themes of illusion and delusion. Neptune is in Domicile here so expect its influence to win out making our path forward less clear. This powerful interplay between aggression and deception feels a lot like martyrdom (whether perceived or real) or convincing oneself that the actions they want to take are also the actions they need to take–even if they are not. Combined with Mercury in Retrograde, this transit will bring confusion and delusion into the mix until Mars enters Aries (its Domicile) on May 24. Expect to feel like you’re losing the plot in whichever area in your chart is governed by Pisces. This transit will particularly affect Aries and Pisces rising natives. 


May 20 - 21 - Sun in Gemini & Conjunct Mercury


The Sun will enter Gemini at 20:23 CT on May 20 bringing new motivations to the surface. While the sign of Taurus was a methodical, stable, and sensual headspace, the Sun in Gemini will spark an insatiable curiosity and more than a little chaos. This transit will bring countless intellectual pursuits, diverse new experiences, and an awareness of everything, all at once–particularly once Mercury stations direct at midnight on June 1. This multiplicity of interests and infusion of ideas will have many feeling less reliable than usual.   Look to where Gemini falls in your chart to see where to expect an IV drip of communication, mutable versatility, and an insatiable curiosity. 


On May 21 at 14:17, the Sun will exactly Conjoin Mercury in Gemini. Typically a Sun Conjunction floods its partner with radiant light and highlights the strongest aspects of that transit. In this instance, Mercury is still floating through its Retrograde. So, while this transit will shine literal light into Mercury’s curiosity, intellect, and agility–especially as it occurs in its ruled sign of Gemini–the effects may be unexpected or lesser than is typical. 


As Mercury retrogrades out of Gemini into Taurus at 20:15 on May 22, expect its effects to change from communication and routine-oriented chaos and rethinking into something more material. Taurus is a sign that naturally slows down our thinking and grounds us here on Earth and asks us to sit still (preferably on a cozy couch, ideally in sweatpants). There’s no easy way to say it–this transit looks like burnout. Expect tension between all of the things you have been thinking and re-thinking about doing for a few weeks and a bone-deep desire to sit still and take it slow. 


May 24 - Mars enters Aries 

(stellium with mars, jupiter, venus, moon)


When Mars enters Aries on May 24 at 18:18 it will form a stellium there with Jupiter, Venus, and the Moon. This intense transit looks particularly spicy. Mars is a major “malefic” and is in its Domicile in Aries (the sign it rules). Jupiter and Venus are the two “benefic” planets, but Venus is in Detriment (weak) in this sign. Will the two weakened benefics overtake the strengthened malefic? It largely depends on your own astrology. As with the other Aries vibes this month, for some this will feel constructive: courageous, honest, blunt and to the point–especially Aries and Libra (both Cardinal and compatible elements of Fire and Air respectively). For many, it will feel like a heightening of aggression or even a conflict coming to a head. 


Look to where Aries falls in your chart to see the area of your life where you’ll be experiencing this energy. Those with prominent placements in the Cardinal Signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn) will likely feel a burst of fiery, passionate drive around this time in the area of their life ruled by Aries. Combined with Mercury in retrograde, those with prominent Aquarius, Pisces, Scorpio, Taurus and especially Virgo and Gemini placements will experience a dramatic echo of the “stop and start” energy from earlier this month–but with a renewed urgency toward action.


May 28 - Venus enters Taurus


Venus–the planet of romance, aesthetics, pleasure, and sensuality–will enter its Domicile in Taurus (one of two with Libra) at 9:46 CT on May 28. This will be a rather notable month-ending shift away from the loud, bold Venus-in-Aries energy with which the month began. In Earth-sign Taurus, Venus will ground us in the sensuality of the present moment. This is a great time for some indulgent self care, especially as we are struggling with the burnout of Mercury Retrograde in Taurus, too. Look to the area of your life governed by Taurus–an area that’s been getting and will continue to receive lots of attention during this eclipse cycle. That’s where you can expect a bit of relief from the non-stop action of this month’s Aries currents. 


Notes on process

  • All referenced times are in 24h format CST (but will be relevant within an hour or two for anyone in North America); Find exact times for your location by using a Transit calendar like this

  • I use traditional Hellenistic and modern techniques within a Western/Tropical astrological framework and calculate using Whole Sign/Fixed Houses

  • See which areas of your life these transits will illuminate and activate by calculating your own natal chart. Astrologer Chani Nicholas has a fantastic tool to generate your whole sign house (different than some other apps) natal chart with Whole Sign/Fixed houses that is free to use here

  • For more information about astrology, witchcraft, and other pagan paths, visit the Pathways of the Pagan discord

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