ancestral healing
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About the COURSE

You will now be initiated into ancestral healing! You will open yourself up to the flow of wisdom and healing energy between you and your ancestors. You will come to understand why unhealed ancestors create harm even when they're genuinely trying to help. You will learn about the place of death in our lives and how to cultivate a healthy relationship with it. You will discover ancient psychopomp trance postures, and how to create an ancestral shrine. Furthermore, you will retrieve the blessings of your family legacy through ancestral healing!

After this course, you will be a psychopompic practitioner. You will learn sacred ceremonies to perform journey-based psychopomp work. You will navigate unique places in the Spirit World to perform psychopompic healing and help the souls of the deceased pass over to the other side.


You will also discover the spiritual role and impact that family, community, and nature have in your life. Finally, you will become skilled at recognizing ancestral patterns that are affecting your life.

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SP104 CouRSE CurriCulum


Duration: 12 weeks

Psychopomp Work

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Often the soul of a deceased person does not pass over to the "other side" right away due to unfinished business or confusion. And this is to be expected and encouraged. It gives a soul time to visit its friends and relatives and say goodbye in its own way. During this time the soul is in the "liminal realm". After a year though, it is time for the soul to pass. At this time, a shamanic practitioner can journey and help the soul find its way to the Spirit World, where it will go to the realm of the ancestors.

  • Learn to guide the spirits of the deceased into the afterlife.

  • You will discover how to help souls who have been wandering this earth for many ages.

  • In this training you will learn how to "pass" a soul in a safe, respectful, and healing way.

  • You will never have to be afraid of a haunted house! It will just offer another opportunity to help a lost spirit!


Duration: 12 weeks

Spirit World Ancestral Healing



A sad fact of existence is that most people go to their graves without having attained a sense of peace. Many people hang on to anger and negative emotions until the bitter end. This leads to the existence of many "unhealed ancestors" in our family line. They exist in the Spirit World in a state of unhappiness. And worse, they are still influencing life on Earth through their descendants, giving poor guidance based on pain and anger. In this training, you will learn to heal your own family tree and bring peace to your ancestors.

  • You will learn to heal your ancestral line.

  • You will help your ancestors heal, assisting them in recovering from soul loss and power loss, and guiding them to a place where they can forgive and forget their own misdeeds and those of others.

  • By engaging in this work, you can uncover both ancestral curses and the hidden gifts within your lineage.

  • Performing this work is a powerful form of healing that affects both you and generations to come who will be free of the shadows of the past.

Deeper ancestral wounds can be explored with the assistance of a mental health professional. If you don't feel comfortable visiting a part of your life or a specific wound, please respect your limits and focus on healing parts of your life that you feel comfortable with.


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A Word From Laova

I strive to be a source of help and compassion. I will always listen, and I will always take into account your own unique path and gifts.


Life can be chaotic and full of personal "blockages". Know that I am here for you. Together we can address procrastination, inner resistance, fears, and the feeling of being overwhelmed. Know that we will proceed in a gentle and caring way, and I will help you find the path to overcome these things.

This is a judgement free zone; I will never judge you. I accept you as you are right now on your path. We will always proceed at your own particular rhythm. I will never rush you. No self-sabotage or inner blockages can stop us. Together, and with the help of our spirit guides, we can find solutions.

May the wise spirits and loving ancestors guide your way.

- Laova

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