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Laova & Eric will guide you through creating your own authentic and sacred connection to nature, the spirits, and your guides. As you move further down the spiritual path, you will be able to co-create a better world with the help of your guides. This genuine and beautiful relationship with benevolent spirits will bring harmony to both your life and the spirits' existence on the other side of the veil.

Our courses are for spiritual seekers of all paths. We cater to beginners as well as individuals who have practiced spiritual techniques for many years. We cover advanced topics for those who wish to acquire a deep understanding of the Spirit World and develop new skills. We have designed our courses to empower our students in their life. 

Spiritual seekers and healers will be thrilled to develop a deeper and more vivid connection with their guides, raise their awareness, enhance their intuition, and gain spiritual communication skills to receive more meaningful and accurate messages.


Those who work with deities will love to learn how to navigate their life and connect with their deities by entering trance and performing visionary mediumship and soul travel. They will establish a solid and vivid relationship with their deities. There are no limits to the level of depth and meaning they can achieve in practicing visionary mediumship.

By studying with us, you will acquire a deep understanding of the spiritual ecosystem that surrounds you. You will meet with compassionate, wise, and loving guides. By learning how to connect with the Spirit World, you will receive guidance on how to create a more sustainable future.


Enjoy a rich connection with your teachers. Our center is a warm shelter for those who want to explore the Spirit World with an open mind and heart.


our approach

Our programs are inspired by ancient mystical, esoteric, shamanic, and pagan practices. We reach back to the earliest days, when there were no labels to divide us. When there was only the seeker, the spirits, and the divine of nature in a time before religion and dogma.

We focus on the innate abilities that exist within us all.  We help people access these gifts that they were born with. They are your birthright! These innate capabilities include visionary mediumship, soul travel, spiritual healing, spirit communication, trance, ecstatic states of consciousness, and more!


Our teaching system is a practical, non-dogmatic, and universal set of techniques that can be used by anyone. Novice seekers can get started with it, and students with a pre-existing tradition can use it as an "add-on" practice to connect with the spiritual realms.

who is it for?

Our courses are for you if you’re a spiritual seeker, empath, energy worker, lightworker, tarot reader, reiki healer, meditation practitioner, yoga practitioner, spiritual artist, herbalist, medium, pagan, witch, astrologer, or esoteric practitioner, among many more possibilities!

Does the following sound like you?

  • You want to know much more about the Spirit World and push your spiritual practice to a higher level.

  • You are looking to feel a sacred and spiritual connection with Nature.

  • You want to help the Earth and make our planet a better place to live.

  • You want to help friends, family members, colleagues, and even strangers live on a deeper, more meaningful level.

  • You want to help people to thrive, assisting them in living the happiest, most connected, and most fulfilled version of their life—and you’re ready to play an instrumental role in making that happen.

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What our programs will provide you?

One of the first things you will learn is how to protect yourself from negative energetic influences. It is important to not close one's eyes to these realities, and instead to develop your own system of "spiritual hygiene".

You will develop effective and powerful skills to enhance your intuition and sensitivity to the Spirit World. You will practice entering trance and finding ways to connect vividly with your guides, receiving their wisdom, blessings, healing, messages, and more! 

You may also learn soul healing, ancestral healing, and advanced techniques to connect with your spiritual ecosystem.


Ultimately, our programs can carry you on a profoundly transformative and healing journey. If you choose, you will travel within your inner landscape to face wounds that need your love and compassion. But you won’t be alone. Your guides will be with you. And we will provide you with spiritual techniques developed by Laova with the help of her guides. She healed herself from her wounds, and she now shares these life-changing tools with you.

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Eric and Laova are a fascinating, friendly, and incredibly knowledgeable team of teachers to work with. Between the two of them, they can answer just about any question you might have about the occult, spiritual practices, magick, etc! During my time with them I felt like they were giving me very focused and individualized time and attention - the program did not in any way feel "cookie cutter" or one size fits all. I'd wholeheartedly recommend working with them to just about anybody interested in deepening their knowledge of magickal practices (their Q&A sessions alone are a super interesting deep dive into a variety of magickal topics and trivia!) Eric is a walking library of facts and knowledge, and Laova is truly in tune with the spirit world - it's a combination you can't beat."

Lilla D.

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I started learning from Laova and Eric in June 2020, and I've come a long way since then. With their guidance and support, I've engaged with my life in a way that's far deeper than I have in all the years prior. I've learned to read the signs of Spirit and honor the direction of my higher self. What I've loved especially about working with the Spirit World Center is how much I've been encouraged to be a channel for my own guides. They've reiterated to me time and time again that I am my own best teacher, and that I have all the answers within me or within reach. They inspire me to reach for those answers and have made me so curious about all the ways I can connect with my spirit team. Honestly, my spiritual life has been so beautifully enriched by the presence of Eric and Laova. I'm eternally grateful for having connected with them and for having access to their spiritual support. I highly recommend their apprenticeship programs!"

Emma H.

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Eric and the Spirit World Center have opened up a new and exciting world for me.  The spirit world is something that I have always wanted to know about and explore but  I could not find the right teachings or teacher. Thankfully I found Eric who has created this wonderful program that leads me, step by step, in understanding and learning about the spirit world. I look forward to receiving the weekly lessons and enjoy the process in learning and being a part of this wonderful spirit world. Thank you Eric and the Spirit World Center. "

Karen L.

An Awesome Studying
Experience awaits you!

Experience a rich way of learning. Our approach is human and heartfelt, similar to that of ancient times when an apprentice would travel to meet the sage at the edge of their village. You can come knock on our "virtual door" to ask personalized questions and enjoy a close mentorship connection while taking our courses.

One-on-one mentoring, our student forum, and frequent online gatherings will provide you with a tremendous amount of knowledge, powerful opportunities for sharing, and a rich human-connection with your teachers and community. 

That's right! We don't provide an automated, mass-produced, and soulless online experience devoid of the human touch, even if that would be more "efficient". Instead, we are proud to be a small-business lovingly devoted to caring for our students!

Our programs are authentic and designed to create a meaningful mentorship relationship with our students!

Start Learning

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