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Our Vision

Co-creating with the Spirit World: Embracing Collective Healing

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This sacred path is about much more than our individual selves. It transcends the realm of the physical and reaches into the boundless depths of the spirit world and the wisdom of our spirit guides.

It is a journey of profound connection and reverence for the unseen forces that shape our existence. It is an invitation to heal not only ourselves but also our sacred relationship with the divine and the interconnected web of life that surrounds us. Our purpose is to restore harmony and balance to this precious planet we call home.

At its core, this path is about embracing the sacred rhythms and energies of the spirit world. It is a call to align our lives with the natural flow of the universe and to honor the sacred wisdom that emanates from the unseen realms. By tapping into the guidance of our spirit guides, we can discover our own healing power and bring forth the transformative medicine that the world so desperately needs.

Just as the plants hold ancient wisdom and healing properties, so too do we carry within us the seeds of transformation and the capacity to be healers. Our wounds become the fertile ground from which our gifts emerge, and through our own healing journeys, we gain the ability to mend not only ourselves but also the collective wounds of this world.

The spirit guides and allies that walk alongside us are the gatekeepers of this sacred realm. They hold the keys to unlocking our innate healing potential and guide us in the intricate dance of healing and connection. With their guidance, we can learn the art of healing, not only for ourselves but also for each other and for the Earth itself.

Together, we embark on a profound journey of remembering, reconnection, and restoration. Through our deep relationship with the spirit world and our spirit guides, we open the doors to boundless healing and wisdom. Let us honor the green ones, our ancient plant allies, who generously offer their medicine and teachings, illuminating the path to collective healing and the sacred harmony that awaits us all.


our approach

At the Spirit World Center, our programs draw inspiration from ancient mystical, esoteric, shamanic, and mediumistic traditions. We honor the roots of these practices, reaching back to a time when labels did not divide us and seekers were guided solely by their connection to the spirits and the divine presence in nature, free from the confines of religion and dogma.

Central to our approach is a focus on the inherent abilities that reside within each of us. We are dedicated to helping individuals access these innate gifts that are inherent in every human being. These gifts are not reserved for a select few but are, in fact, the birthright of all. Among these inherent capabilities are trance journeying (also known as shamanic journeying), spiritual healing, spirit communication, ecstatic states of consciousness, and many more.

Our teaching system is designed to be practical, non-dogmatic, and universally applicable. It is accessible to novice seekers who are just beginning their spiritual journey, while also serving as a complementary practice for students with existing traditions who wish to deepen their connection with the spiritual realms.

What our programs will provide you?

Our program is designed to empower you with a transformative experience, enabling you to connect deeply with the spirit world and unlock your innate spiritual abilities. Throughout the curriculum, we provide practical tools and techniques inspired by ancient traditions that allow you to establish profound connections with your spirit guides, tap into higher states of consciousness, and develop your intuition.

Throughout your journey, you will receive personalized guidance from experienced mentors who are dedicated to supporting your self-discovery. Through hands-on exercises, guided meditations, and real-world applications, you will gain practical skills in trance journeying, spiritual healing, spirit communication, and exploring heightened states of awareness.

Our program prioritizes practicality and personal experience over mere theory. You will learn to navigate the spirit world with confidence, create sacred spaces, communicate with spirit guides, and apply spiritual techniques in various contexts. You will discover your unique spiritual gifts, connect with your higher self, and receive guidance on integrating these practices into your daily life and potential professional endeavors.

By the end of the program, you will possess the knowledge, tools, and spiritual foundation to become an effective spiritual practitioner. You will be able to provide guidance, healing, and support to others while staying true to your own spiritual beliefs. With an enhanced connection to the spirit world and expanded intuitive abilities, you will be prepared to make a positive impact in your life and the lives of those around you.

Embark on this transformative journey of spiritual growth and empowerment. Experience the profound connection with the spirit world and unlock your limitless potential. Together, we can awaken the spiritual practitioner within and create positive change in our world. Join us on this remarkable journey today.

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Eric and Laova are a fascinating, friendly, and incredibly knowledgeable team of teachers to work with. Between the two of them, they can answer just about any question you might have about the occult, spiritual practices, magick, etc! During my time with them I felt like they were giving me very focused and individualized time and attention - the program did not in any way feel "cookie cutter" or one size fits all. I'd wholeheartedly recommend working with them to just about anybody interested in deepening their knowledge of magickal practices (their Q&A sessions alone are a super interesting deep dive into a variety of magickal topics and trivia!) Eric is a walking library of facts and knowledge, and Laova is truly in tune with the spirit world - it's a combination you can't beat."

Lilla D.

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I started learning from Laova and Eric in June 2020, and I've come a long way since then. With their guidance and support, I've engaged with my life in a way that's far deeper than I have in all the years prior. I've learned to read the signs of Spirit and honor the direction of my higher self. What I've loved especially about working with the Spirit World Center is how much I've been encouraged to be a channel for my own guides. They've reiterated to me time and time again that I am my own best teacher, and that I have all the answers within me or within reach. They inspire me to reach for those answers and have made me so curious about all the ways I can connect with my spirit team. Honestly, my spiritual life has been so beautifully enriched by the presence of Eric and Laova. I'm eternally grateful for having connected with them and for having access to their spiritual support. I highly recommend their apprenticeship programs!"

Emma H.

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Eric and the Spirit World Center have opened up a new and exciting world for me.  The spirit world is something that I have always wanted to know about and explore but  I could not find the right teachings or teacher. Thankfully I found Eric who has created this wonderful program that leads me, step by step, in understanding and learning about the spirit world. I look forward to receiving the weekly lessons and enjoy the process in learning and being a part of this wonderful spirit world. Thank you Eric and the Spirit World Center. "

Karen L.

An Awesome Studying
Experience awaits you!

Experience a truly enriching and personalized learning journey with us. Our approach is centered around fostering genuine connections and providing individualized mentorship. We prioritize the human touch and believe in the power of personal interaction.

Through one-on-one mentoring and regular online gatherings, we create a supportive and engaging environment where you can receive a wealth of knowledge, engage in meaningful discussions, and build strong connections with your mentors and peers.

Unlike impersonal and automated online courses, we are committed to providing an authentic and caring learning experience. Our programs are designed to cultivate a sense of community and establish a meaningful mentorship relationship with each student. We value your growth and are dedicated to supporting you every step of the way on your journey of personal and spiritual development.

Join our close-knit community and embark on a transformative learning experience that combines the wisdom of our teachings with the warmth of human connection. Together, we will create a space for deep learning, growth, and empowerment.

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